Monday 8 November 2010


Hunting for a fellow wildthing! I didn't find one. Had fun jumping in the pile of ash, the aftermath of last night's bonfire at the head of the creek. It was nice, I wish we had more events like that in the village.

This coat is relatively new, I got it at Primark in Bristol last time I was up there. I'd been looking for it since seeing photos of Primark's a/w collection a couple of months back, and I was so happy when I found it! It's sliiiightly tight on me, as the only sizes they had were size 8 or size 16.. but it's lovely and cosy, feels like wearing a duvet! :)
And this hat, I found it on the Topshop website last week and HAD to have it. Oh I love it so much.
I'm going to stop spending now... honest. Only charity shops for me now!


  1. Loved the photographs, Autumn is so pretty! I really like your layered outfit as well, so perfect for this freezing weather. xx

  2. Beautiful photographs and I adore your outfit! I really liked that coat when I saw the collection. May have to pick one up sometime ;) I also saw that hat on the Topshop site and thought 'WOW'. You pull it off so well! Jealous.

  3. love these photos and i love this look..

  4. lovely lovely photographs and the outfit is killer! I likeeee



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