Thursday 18 November 2010

charity shop haul #2

I'm having a very yellow day, as you will see from the following photos. Please excuse my grumpy face in the first few. I think my smiling silly face makes up for it in the last ones though? I hope so.

(Coat - Asda ; Hat - Topshop ; Top - charity shop ; Bag - charity shop ; Nailvarnish - MeMeMe 65 Demure.)

Here you can see some of yesterday's charity shop finds. I put my hair up and recorded a little video to show you the rest. Here you go:

I'm using flickr to host my photos now which is what I should've done from the beginning really, they're so much better quality! I hope you agree.



  1. eee yes! I have seen that brooch somewhere before but I can't quite place it! I had a bit of a naughty shopping day today, I will post it up later. Also, I am wearing the same nail varnish as you! xxxx

  2. I loveee your blog. It always makes me happy and makes me want to go and make things!

    Love all your new things :)

    Chloe... x

  3. OOo you found some really fab things from the charity shops! I havent been charity shopping in so long, really should though. I miss those little gems you find especially the books. Great video as well it's fun to see everything in action

    L x

  4. That coat is awesome, you wouldn't guess it was from asda.

  5. I'm adoring that lovely mustard yellow top (: The colour really suits you. Corr blimey, brooch envy! Headscarves are the way forward. I have a drawer dedicated to them. Oooh, I love a detatchable collar! Lovely post.

  6. you are so pretty and look lovely in these photos! cute video as well; A+ on the headscarf.

  7. That coat is amazing, I also love the hat so cool and kooky. I love charity shops, it's hard now to have a good look (I have a 1yr old son) I miss being able to have a good ramble and look for hidden treasure (such a pirate :) oh I love a good haul. This is a great one xxxx

  8. I love everything you got!!
    Makes me even more excited to go home to Devon so I can get charity shop shopping too :)
    Whereabouts in Devon do you live?

  9. wow you look so much like lilly allen! but a more sheek version!

    great blog..

  10. Lovely photos, your fur hat looks awesome!


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