Friday 26 November 2010

follow friday #3

This is just a short follow Friday as I need to get on with some more knitting!!

I'm featuring some bloggers who write amazing prose. Here are the links to them and examples of their writings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Boys Who Blush.
"You forget sometimes, about breathing. About seeing. You forget your fingers, your see through skin, your elbows, and your two hundred and six bones. I've spent so much time forgetting, trying not to see. A whale died a few days ago, a ship struck him and his insides withered away. So close to home, only an hours boat ride from my bedside. You think you can blind yourself to the world by covering your eyes with locks of hair, but the wind will come sooner or later and then you will be windswept, waiting with salt-water stains down your cheeks. I once was petrified, all amber glazed and frozen. The world looks like honey when you've lived inside a stone for thousands of years. I'd rather it looked like milk, like snow that has wept from the branches of wilting evergreens. Can't we just float down the river and count to ten? Will we be safe? I'm afraid if we don't, they'll come. The Takers of Hearts, the thieves with their broken teeth and apple red grins. Do you see them? If you don't draw circles around yourself or breathe softly or I Spy ten moths in one day, they'll come. Look out for long spindly things, they're the Takers hiding behind closed doors, behind trees, behind aitches, ems and double-yu's. I'm trying to remember, to see, I think if I do, they won't come. I don't want to be lost any longer. I'll place myself inside of a book, in hopes that one day you will cry over me and my pages will dampen from the oceans inside of you."

2. Delicate Diaries.
"I feel some sort of detatchment. Loss of enthusiasm like I want to chase everything all away from me. It's so odd that somehow I feel so content with absolutely nothing.. like a brain dead body laying flat on the ground. If I could just move, it's rusty and jolted. Like all my left has flowed into the right and my fingers feel curled in a tight grip. There's some emptyness in content, there's sadness in bliss... Eyes are half closed and the people around me are all just a blur."

3. Thoughts For Birds.
"Remembering will always be a mystery to me, comes swooping down on you like bats -
P., he’d buy two tickets whenever a circus grew out of the field-behind-the-house overnight. Tiny circuses they were, with packs of dogs instead of lions and sometimes even a solitary zebra. But there were cotton candy clouds big enough to disappear in and always someone who‘d turn the crank of his barrel organ with every bone of his body, turn it so gloriously it would shatter you.
Those were the sticky-sweet popcorn days, when I looked a bit like a daisy, when I first got that peculiar feeling of having a heart with a touch of the flu. It grows and grows among your ribs, soaks up all the glossy things and everything else you never want to forget again, it swells and grows and grows until there isn’t any room left, not for matters like words or lungs. And then it bursts, your heart, explodes and covers your insides with crystal grains and rubble. Everything that ever made you feel, scattered throughout your whole artery-web, forever circulating.
(There’s no turning back after the first crushed valve, not even when you are still small enough to only lick the frosting off your candied apple.)"

4. Tree Castles.
"I was trying to put songs, words, whispers, secrets--any possible noise--back into his ears, into his silent wintry body where his bones will quiver the snow and fill the quiet hallways of his veins with the strangest, sweetest melody, where I can unwrap his winter-coated heart with the pockets filled with sticks of brokenness and stones of misery and replace them with tea-stained notes of midnight phrases (sometimes sad phrases, but true phrases nonetheless) and sea-sprayed envelopes stuffed with letters and skeleton leaves, dried petals of narcissuses and roses... I was tyring to shatter the ice cold cage of glass which has trapped his lungs, to melt the icicles inside, look for the stars that have sunk along with my drowned sailor in the shipwreck in the winter seas...
then, awake at last, his tears will flow, his hands will be warm, his heart will sigh,
but he won't remember me.
And I am the mermaid who saved him from his ocean nightmares, and I am his echo in my loveless cave who didn't really save him at all."

Also, I got some more goodies from charity shops today! Including a Zara coat and some leopard print loafers, I love them! The charity shop gods have been so good to me lately.

I have a busy weekend ahead including the Christmas Fayre, a night out with my brother and friends, and a roast and things for a friend who is going to Canada for a while on Sunday, but I have a couple of photos of my new buys that I'll try and put up tomorrow at some point!

Finally, thank you so much to Beth for including me in her follow Friday post! :) and hello to any new followers!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing your charity shop finds, I do love a good bargain and Zara do such lovely coats!

    Penny x


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