Monday 29 November 2010

hiding (and a couple of questions answered)

Hello hello, I'm poorly sick :( I'm hiding out under 2 and a half duvets, heater turned up, daytime TV quietly murmuring, blinds half-closed and tummy rumbling.

In reply to a couple of questions I got in my comments recently -

1. I do not have an online shop just yet, but I'm going to be setting one up THIS WEEK! When I get all my things back from my Christmas Fayre friend. Once it's up and running there will of course be a blog post about it!!

2. A post about how to bookbind sounds like a wonderful idea, and I'll get on it just as soon as I'm feeling better!! Although the run up to Christmas is quite a busy time, so it could end up being after. I'll try my best!

Feeling unwell I'm craving comfort food. Any suggestions of something quick and easy? Preferably nothing I have to go outside and buy, and nothing tooooooooooo unhealthy (although a little bit of stodge wouldn't go amiss!)

Hope you're all keeping cosy!



  1. Nooo not good. Although, I'm having the exact same day you are it seems! Ooh, how exciting. I hope all the little kitties go to good homes haha. I'm thinking a good hearty soup wouldn't go a miss with the way I feel. Time to get on it! Have a lovely week sweet.

  2. Aaaw nooo poorly? :( Chicken soup is good for the soul, as is something like fish chowder. I think the key is lots of liquid and lots of rest. Hope you recover sooon! jazzy ♥

  3. ooo online shop! YES!

    I've been ill too, hope you're feeling better :/ I don't know about you but i've missed blogging while being ill haha, I'm a geek!

    my mom just made me a lovely chicken sandwich on toast, it's pretty much put me back on my feet now :)

    hope you're keeping warm in this bloody cold weather!


  4. Aw hope you feel better soon lovely :(

    When I'm poorly, i live off banana sandwiches and tomato soup... beautiful combination haha. oh, and lucozade! xxx

  5. I hope you're feeling better.... sometimes you just need to rest and recover, daytime tv and duvets always help!
    Looking forwards to seeing your shop! x

  6. I love your blog! I hope you feel better soon.



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