Tuesday 9 November 2010

cheer up chocolate cake.

Today is a miserable day, well and truly. I woke up from a dream about my brother dying, to pouring rain and everything grey. Wind blowing, waves on the river, COLD. After sulking in bed for what seemed like an eternity, and learning a little about depression, I decided I should probably get out of bed and do something to make myself feel better.

I cosied myself up in a big jumper that never fails to make me smile, and thick wooly socks (my feet are always, always cold) and trudged downstairs to make my ultimate comfort food - chocolate cupcakes (Mum's recipe) with chocolate buttons!

I also got to use my present from Will! He's been my friend forever (literally, since we were babies!) and he's away most of the year. He said he saw this batter finger and thought of me! It's actually amazing. The perfect size to fit in your mouth :D

My tea of choice today was Twinings Blossom Earl Grey. Earl Grey is my favourite kind of tea, and goes AMAZINGLY well with chocolate (if you haven't tried it, you really must! I love dipping homemade double chocolate cookies into a big hot mug of it) This tea definitely tastes more perfumed than regular Earl Grey, I think I like it.

That interview with Lily Allen was actually quite sad, not really what I needed to perk me up. It took place before she had her recent miscarriage, and she was saying things about having her baby, and it just made me feel so sad, right inside, for her terrible loss :( I can't imagine how she feels going through this for the second time.

I also bought some Christmassy fabrics this morning for making things for the Christmas market:


  1. i seriously love the jumper! it's so fcking awesome <3

  2. love the fabric its lovely,such a nice blog :)x x

  3. glad you managed to cheer yourself up a little - you can't really be sad with chocolate and a jumper that cute! x

  4. everything about this blog is magic.
    never found something like "being little".
    love from italy

  5. Looks like the perfect day to me.. apart from your horrible dream :(
    That is the best jumper I've ever seen!

  6. Such a cute post - how could that jumper fail to perk you up! And I love love love the batter finger too!

    Sally x
    Louder Than Silence

  7. this really made me giggle!!
    that jumper is just too boss!
    love love <3

  8. hello mr batter finger. want and/or need!


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