Tuesday 30 November 2010

cosy cats.

Today I have been feeling pretty rubbish still, but I wanted to do something nice and festive and cosy. It's not snowing in my village as I'm so close to the sea, but it sure is cold and windy!

I hung out with my cats by the fire for a little bit, and then decided it would be a great idea to listen to this Christmas playlist and make gingerbread animals/hearts.

I used my Granny's recipe, but it makes MILLIONS, so I decided to halve it, and it went a bit wrong somewhere. I don't know how or why, but the dough was too sticky and the shapes ended up spreading/not holding their shape. Oh well, they still taste delicious!! I put chocolate chips in some of them too :) mmmm.

Gingerbread fox loves gingerbread dinosaur.

I'm thinking about doing a cookery video soon... what do you reckon? I've always liked to pretend I'm on a cooking show.. measuring everything and putting it in little bowls before I start, imagining what I'd say, outtakes showing how messy I truly am..?



  1. Beautiful pictures! And those look amazing... you've made me all hungry now haha.
    i think a cookery video would be awesome, i love having new recipes to try out :)

  2. definitely do the video! I was thinking of doing that too! xxx

  3. Gorgeous winter piccies!
    Gingerbread looks yummy too, would definitely be interested in watching a cookery video!

  4. oh wow those pictures are so lovely!! makes me feel so chrismassy, Love your cats too xo

  5. Firstly I am in love with your fireplace! I've always wanted a huge one just like that! We don't have any snow either, but I live in a little seaside town too! Your gingerbread men look awesome :) Def do a cooking video :)

    L x

  6. your ginger bread look tastttyy
    and your cats ahhh :) i want to steal them :)

  7. A cooking-show-video with you would be so cute! please do. And where did you find those dinosaur-shapes? I've got the animals but I'd love some dangerous dino-cookies <3

  8. haha I used to pretend I was on blue peter when I was little! Defo try the video thing- channel your inner nigella! ;) ha Your house looks so cosy and olden too. so pretty :) xx

  9. Aww lovely kitties! I wish I had a proper open fire that I could curl up in front of with my 3 cats!

  10. This is what winter's all about :)
    I've been known to start presenting to an imaginary audience whilst cooking..I don't even know I'm doing it sometimes. Please do a cooking video it'd be lovely

  11. never thought to add choco chips to gingerbread! will have to try this!

  12. Your cats are too cute, particular fan of the grey and white one! We have 5 at my mum and dads house! Mine is called Jasper and is a shorthair orange babe.

    Your cookies look super yum

    R x


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