Sunday 9 November 2014

split / hvar / zadar.

We left rainy Plitvice behind and were told that once we got to the other side of the mountains, the weather would be totally different. That certainly was no lie! 

I couldn't have been happier to arrive at the coast with beautiful blue skies. We had huge ice creams by the water's edge, and explored the windy lanes of the old town. We found our favourite place to eat and drink hidden in there somewhere - Figa. If you can find it, you won't be disappointed. Outside you can sit on the steps and sip on cocktails, and inside you can eat yummy food. 

Doug was kind enough to let me have a beach day on our second day - a whole day at the beach, bliss! We walked quite far so that we could find a quieter beach, had a picnic and little swim. After walking back to the town and having a little rest, we went for dinner at Fife, which was an awesome experience. Loads of people go there because it's super cheap and you get a LOT of food! I had a huge pile of squid! The waiter was hilarious, and we chatted to a really cool old guy next to us.

The next day we got the speed boat (NOTE: this is not a speed boat that you'd expect. It's a huge ferry. Don't be scared.) over to the island of Hvar where we spent the next couple of nights - scroll down to see what we got up to!

• all the cats everywhere! 
• being by the sea
• squid & fish on almost every menu - yum!


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• view of Split from the ferry •

After about an hour on the boat we reached the more relaxed and quiet island of Hvar. This was much more my pace. I was exhausted when we made it up the hill to our hostel, so I had a nap while Doug went up to the fort. From there you can see all the islands which we explored the next day! 

In the evening we went out for dinner followed by a couple of cocktails at Lola Bar, which we went back to the next night as well! 

The next day we went on a boat trip that we booked through a tourist agency on the island. We went around the smaller islands just off Hvar, stopping to swim here and there, and stopping on one of the islands for a couple of hours. You could pay to have lunch on the boat, but all they offered was fish so vegetarian Doug wouldn't have been able to eat that! We decided to have lunch on the little island, but loads of wasps turned up which made it a bit of a stressful affair..

We had a little explore, swim and a lie down on a sun lounger (we were apparently supposed to pay for the privilege.. we found out the hard way) before making our way back to the boat. One more stop in a little cove and then we went back to Hvar for some amazing little cakes at Nonica's. I had a hazelnut mousse covered in chocolate, and Doug had a peanut butter cheesecake. So delicious. Go there. 

Along the front of Hvar we found a restaurant that had more than one vegetarian option (!!!) so we ate there for dinner. The next day we got the ferry back to Split, but we felt really unwell (probably a combination of heat stroke, being out at sea for too long, and just general travelling weariness) so we just stayed in our hostel room, which was AWESOME because we had a tv that we could stream stuff on, and a disco light. We needed the rest before our journey to our last stop - Zadar.

• our host, Luka
• island hopping
• Lola Bar

• stay another night!

Zadar was nicer than I expected, with lots more narrow streets to explore. We weren't there for very long, but I think it was long enough. The first afternoon we mostly chilled, before going to watch the sunset and listen to the sea organ. The sunsets are famous in Zadar, and although we only caught the end of it, we could see why!

The sea organ was something else - we were totally mesmerised by it! It's some kind of musical instrument that is powered by the waves. It's incredible, and so hard to describe - you just have to go there and listen to it.

The next day we killed time until finally making our way back to the UK! I was so ready to come home! 


• stay in a different hostel - ours was SO noisy!

See more of our European adventure! - PragueViennaBratislavaBudapestPlitvice

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  1. Love the photos, especially the ones from Hvar as I've been visiting it for the past ten years and never found those awesome spots. Also, if you visit this part of Europe again, come to Ljubljana! It's a wonderful city.:)

  2. Such beautiful pictures, and the weather looks amazing - when did you go? x


  3. Gorgeous photos as always, looks like you had a fab time! xxx

  4. I am absolutely loving your travelling photos, I would love to travel Eastern Europe but seeing as most of my friends are poor uni students, I doubt that it will happen any time soon! These photos are especially gorgeous! xx

  5. Your photos are stunning and I'm loving all these travel posts. Makes me want to have my own European adventure! x

  6. Oh this trip of yours has given me so many bursts of nostalgia. The Dalmatian Coast might be my favourite place, it is just magical. The Sea Organ is something else isn't it? So hard to explain what being there and just sitting and listening to it feels like. Absolutely loving seeing these memories you guys are building together.
    Chambray & Curls

  7. How lovely! Beautiful photos, I've really enjoyed this travel series. For some reason when I travel, I tend to go further afield but you've inspired me to peek a little closer to home!

  8. I would too love to stay another night, and the best part I think I would love the most is being by the sea too.

    This makes me want to travel more and more each day. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. Looks like you had amazing fun. I love the "What I would Do Differently" section. Great take on a travel post.


  10. Oh god almighty, take me to Croatia... maybe not right now but definitely in Spring!

  11. I've been lusting after Croatia for a while and this has definitely pushed me further in its direction, so pretty!


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