Tuesday 7 October 2014


The next stop on our adventure was Vienna. We got up at silly o'clock and caught the very nice & quiet train from Prague. We had a few little sleeps, and watched the beautiful scenery go by - mist, mountains, trees, the sweetest little houses, and lots of sunflower & pumpkin fields.

We found our hostel & dropped our bags off before heading out to explore the surrounding area. I was so tired that I nearly had a breakdown trying to find somewhere good and inexpensive for lunch - in the end we plumped for an Italian place which was actually really nice. 

It was finally late enough for check-in, so we headed back to the hostel for a shower & a doze, then bought some picnic bits from the shop nextdoor. The lady on the front desk told us about a festival nearby called Buskers, so we headed there.

We saw some really fun stuff, all set out in front of a beautiful white building with bits of turquoise and gold. The huge puppet lady scared me a bit. I think it's those eyes...

After that we just wandered around, looking at all the huge, grand buildings. To be honest, I couldn't connect to the city - it all seemed a bit soulless to me. We headed back for a little drink at the hostel & grabbed an early night, ready for another journey the next day...

• getting to use a bit of German
• the buskers festival

• not go.....
• be more confident with talking to people
• go to the butterfly house

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  1. Such beautiful pictures, the buskers festival looks really interesting! xx

    Abby / Eärendil

  2. I just love your photography Lyzi, the way you capture cities and buildings and places is just stunning and beautiful yet nostalgic and cool x

  3. Aw sorry that you didn't like my hometown haha! I think it's a great place for tourists, especially if you're interested in history, I didn't really enjoy living there though so I moved to England 3 weeks ago haha! :) xx

  4. ooh beautiful photos, regardless. sometimes i find myself not being able to connect to new places too, not sure if it's the people or it's just me haha. i suppose it helps to talk to locals more and just experience it as it is, without expectations. thanks for sharing xx

  5. Such a shame that you didn't really connect to it - I get a bit like that in places where people always rave about it. But then if we all liked the same thing, then that would be boring.
    Still looking as cute as ever! xx

  6. Oh no, I do a lot of European city breaks (as I hate the beach!) and I really fancied Vienna :(

  7. Stunning place! Shane you didn't connect with it but I suppose some places are like that. Some hate Paris and I adore it!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  8. Ive heard great things about Vienna, and it looks fab!

  9. You don't have to love every city! At least you can tick it off the list x

  10. Beautiful photos! xx


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