Tuesday 25 November 2014

a leap of faith.

"if you never do anything, you never become anyone"

A quote that's been rattling around in my head quite a lot lately. I've always played it safe, ever since my confusing shyness as a little kid. Sometimes though, you need to take risks if you're ever going to get anywhere in life. 

If you'd asked me four years ago if I thought I'd be where I am now, the answer would've been something along the lines of "I doubt it.." - anxiety and self-doubt controlled the view I had on life. Now, I'm not saying I've conquered it all or that I never have days where I just want to hide under the covers and pretend I don't exist, but I'm getting there, and actually doing things is what helps me the most.

I never thought I could make money doing something I love, have a job, go travelling, go on a trip on my own, inspire people, be nominated for awards. I never thought I would make the incredibly close friends I have, or that I'd find the strength to be so open and honest with them.

Sometimes you just have to say yes to the opportunities that come your way, and open up to the new people who walk into your life - despite the millions of fears bubbling up in the back of your mind. Sometimes you have to put yourself forward for things, instead of waiting for what you want to drop conveniently down at your feet.

A little over a year after I started Being Little, I was nominated for a Cosmo Blog Award. Of course, I didn't win, but just being considered was a huge success in my eyes. Although I've had some incredible times and some brilliant opportunities since then, I haven't put myself forward for anything similar, thinking that was my one chance, or that I was being too full of myself thinking I even had a chance.

So in the spirit of being brave, I thought I'd enter myself into the UK Blog Awards - you never know, right?! There are about a billion other blogs who have also entered, but to get myself in the running I need some votes from you lovely lot. You can vote for me in either the fashion category or the lifestyle category, if you'd like to!

How have you been brave lately?

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  1. This was such a lovely read Lyzi! Well done you for all you have achieved, I for one can't wait to continue following your journey! Lots of love!

  2. Voted :) You go girl!

  3. Voted! Good luck to ya!

  4. Go girl! I am gearing up to making a brave decision and this post has spurred me on :)

  5. You are awesome lady, never forget that!

    Maria xxx

  6. ;)
    A New Post On My Blog:
    waiting soon on my blog

  7. Such A great post Lyzi. Your blog has always been an inspiration to me.
    I've taken some big leaps this year and because of them I've had some wondeful things happen. I've made new friends and even got myself an exciting new job. So much can come from just saying yes:o) xx

  8. This is so so lovely and inspiring to read, having given up on blogging (until now!) for years and dropped out of uni. Anxiety is an ongoing battle but posts like this are a great boost :) Hopefully I will feel a similar way one day! Congratulations on all your success, and hello from a new reader/follower! :) x

    Rachel | A Little Grey


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