Monday 29 September 2014


As you probably know, Doug and I recently travelled through a few places in eastern Europe. It was my first time travelling, and I thought I'd share with you all the ups & downs, and beautiful scenery. Our first stop was Prague! 

We arrived in the evening, and met our friend Bara at our hostel just after we'd arrived. She's from Prague, so was our tour guide for the evening. She took us on the tram to a restaurant in her neighbourhood, followed by a bar by the river. It was a lovely first evening away, and so awesome to catch up with a friendly face that we hadn't seen in over a year!

The next day was mostly spent exploring by ourselves. We had Czech pancakes with a crazy amount of toppings for breakfast - nutella & ice cream for me, blueberries for Doug - we were on holiday after all! 

With full bellies, we caught the metro up to the castle, which was stunning. The stained glass inside the cathedral was the most beautiful I'd ever seen, and the views across the red rooftops.. 

We followed the cobbled streets down the hill and across the bridge, touching the lucky dog on the way. On the other side we explored the old town and saw the famous astronomical clock, although we didn't stick around to see it do whatever it is that it does.

Bara was in the area with her family & boyfriend, so we met them for wine before heading to U Houmra - a Simpsons-themed restaurant! Be warned - there is no English translation on this menu. However, the fried cheese was crazy good.

• seeing Bara!
• pretty coloured buildings & cute streets
the castle
• creamy, cheesy food..

• different hostel - ours was noisy & no curtains!
• see the clock do its thing

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  1. What a beautiful place... and OMG WOW at the pancake toppings haha!!

  2. Looks wonderful! I want to go to Prague so badly! x

  3. Prague looks amazing, I would love to visit one day! :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  4. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing time Lyzi! Those pancakes look absolutely divine x

  5. Prague looks so beautiful, thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos! xxx

  6. I've always wanted to visit Prague and your beautiful photos are making me want to book a plane ticket even more! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your travels! :)

  7. beautiful photos!! it sounds like a lovely trip!!

  8. Oh my Lord, that food looks amazing! The architecture's not too bad either. x

  9. That stained glass! Been swithering about Prague for years but it definitely needs to go on my list now :)

  10. those clocks! I daydream about visiting Prague, alllll the time. thanks for sharing your experiences.i love it!

  11. That ice cream dessert looks so good! I'm going to Budapest soon and your post got me all excited :) xx p.s. saw a band called Muncie Girls on Sunday and the singer reminded me of you xx

  12. Ahh! Prague is on my list of cities I am desperate to see :) it looks like you had a fun time - shame about the hostel but they are sooo hit and miss, at least you didn't have bed bugs!

    Where, oh where, are your amazing, glittery sandals from?! They're BEAUTIFUL!

    Menekse xx

  13. Prague is on my bucket list! I heard these is amazing food and wine served everywhere. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  14. I have always wanted to visit Prague, it seems like such an amazing city. Gorgeous pictures! x

  15. Aweeee this is bringing back some srsly lovely memories of when I went back in 2008, your photos are so colourful love! Did you eat lots of dumplings too? <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  16. I visited Prague a couple of years ago and our tour guide told us that the Astronomical Clock has been rated as one of the most underwhelming tourist attractions in the world! Hundreds of people gather in the square to watch it and are really disappointed once it is over. We stuck around to watch it anyway. Prague is beautiful, looks like you had a lovely time! x

  17. Going there on the 25th! Can't waaaaiiiit!


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