Wednesday 12 November 2014


In case you didn't realise, I've been in super awesome Dublin for the past few days! Here are some of my favourite places that I discovered while I was there. 

I took a crazy amount of photos.. so to try and make it more manageable, I've broken it down into things to do, places to shop, places to eat and drink, and then some of my favourite photos I took while I was there.


• tourist buses - I'm a huge fan of riding around on one of those open-top buses. You get to see all the sights of the city, and if you're lucky you'll have live commentary which is way more entertaining. I used the Dublin Sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus (the same company also run the Airlink buses and a Ghostbus!) which meant I could get on and off wherever I wanted. The tickets also last two days! 

• churches/cathedrals - I didn't go inside any, but there are LOADS around the city, as it's steeped in religious history. The two cathedrals are meant to be absolutely stunning inside. 

• Guinness storehouse/Jameson factory - I wanted to avoid the obvious tourist spots, and I'm not interested in either drink, so I didn't go to either of these... if you like your stout or whisky they're definitely a must-do! 

• museums - I visited the Little Museum and the Natural History Museum, both of which were so interesting. They had lots of little things to look at. The Natural History Museum is nicknamed the dead zoo, because it's basically full of taxidermy! Heaven.

• galleries - I went to the National Gallery, which had a really cute cafe & shop full of nice stationary, as well as a portait exhibition, and the Hugh Lane Gallery which had an installation of Francis Bacon's studio, which I loved. There are lots more museums & galleries if these ones don't take your fancy.

• book fair - this is over now, but apparently there's always little things like this going on! Keep your eyes peeled for arty fairs and festivals.

• the zoo - I love a good zoo, and this one was better than I expected. One of the oldest zoos in the world! I got to see some amazing big cats, and my favourite cheeky red panda! 

• the river - a walk along the river to see the many bridges is a must! The ha'penny bridge in particular is super pretty. 


• St George's Market Arcade for usual market vibes. 

• Irish Design Shop for cool prints & homeware. 

• Photo Ireland for amazing art books.

• Tower Records for.... you guessed it - records.

• Folkster for the most amazing collection of beautiful gowns (head to the back room!)

• Shotsy & Tola Vintage for reasonably priced, amazing vintage clothes! 

• 9 Crow Street for vintage - unfortunately was closed when I found it!

• Avoca for numerous floors of beautiful homewares, clothes and gifts.


• Wall & Keogh for delicious gluten free brownies and LOADS of different loose leaf teas.

• Acapulco for yummy Mexican & friendly staff.

• Tower Cafe (in Tower Records) for cheap and delicious breakfasts and lunches.

• Queen of Tarts for the best victoria sponge I've ever eaten.

• 37 Dawson Street for especially-made-for-you cocktails and sharing food.

• Busyfeet & Coco for a quick croissant and tea.

• Mary's Bar & Hardware for toasties & drinks in an unusual setting.

• Caffe en Seine for entertaining music while you drink.

Phew! I can't believe I've never really thought about visiting Dublin before, and I already want to go back! Three days wasn't enough to see all the awesome stuff it has to offer, that's for sure. 

If you're thinking of visiting, over the New Year period would be an amazing time to go as they have a three-day festival running from the 30th, which includes food, music, art and comedy, among other things! 

You can find out more about it here!

• travel, accomodation & spending money provided, however all views are my own •

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  1. I just love posts like this, plus I adore your photography Lyzi, it's incredible! x

  2. Gorgeous photos as always, Lyzi! Dublin looks so much fun, will definitely be paying a visit when I'm back in the UK :D

  3. Gorgeous photos, makes me want to go right out and buy an awesome camera! I keep meaning to go to Dublin, but as it's so close I just don't make the effort. Will have to add it to my hit list for next year!
    Cx / Bloglovin

  4. This photography is amazing! It looks like there are so many cool places to visit, the retro/record shops in particular are catching my eye!

    Jade x ♡

  5. I adore Dublin. My sister and I went a couple of years ago. The zoo is my number 1 fave zoo (so far!) and Queens of Tarts chocolate tart is to DIE for! <3 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  6. This is just the blog post for me, as I am visiting Dublin in December for my 18th. Really useful, and I have saved in my bookmarks for reading more of later. Gorgeous photographs as well.

    Georgia / Brew up Buttercup x

  7. Lovely post, yo've highlighted a lot of Dublin's pretty sides, some that even a native like myself haven't visited yet! A few suggestions for your next visit (maybe):
    -the Cake Café, this is my favourite café, ever
    -The Grand Social on Saturdays for their weekly flea market, also a cool bar
    -the Irish modern art museum and Kilmainham goal are both very interesting
    -Smithfield for markets, movie and culture
    And look out for event listing, Dublin is best when we've got lots of things to explore or experience in between the attraftions, the food and the rain!

  8. Your photos are lovely! My dad is from Dublin and I went over for the first time this summer and fell in love with the city. If you do go back, I recommend visiting Brick Alley Cafe in the Temple Bar area. It is pretty tourist heavy around there, but their food is delicious and they do the best hot chocolates in the most amazing flavours.
    Siobhan xx

  9. Great post! I adore Dublin and I'm native, I just moved back here from London because I missed it so much. Its such a vibrant, friendly city.

    Niamh x

  10. Oh, how I miss Dublin! Might spend Christmas there this year actually. People are so friendly, so many green places, the atmosphere itself... <3 Can't wait to go back for a hot chocolate in Butlers and a whisky in the Stags Head!

  11. Great photos! I love that you posted so many. :) The shop fronts and "emancipate yourself" are my favs. I've always wanted to visit Dublin and am determined to do so on my next trip across the pond. xo

  12. whoa there, you sure covered some ground. You did way more than us for such a short space of time. I want to go back too, really enjoyed it. great post Lyzi!

    Buckets & Spades

  13. Dublin looks ace, I definitely want to visit next year so will be saving this post!

    Maria xxx

  14. Your pictures always capture me in little Lyzi! I've been to Dublin once but feel the need to return after reading this..!

  15. Ah Dublin is so pretty... but it's so expensive! We loved the zoo, and used the open top buses too :) The Jameson Distillery was a lot better than the Guinness Storehouse

  16. Love Dublin! Ireland in general actually :) It's so pretty! Super photos and guide :)

  17. This post is just wonderful - your photos are beautiful and I love blog posts which help me find the best places to go in a new city! I have wanted to go to Dublin for a while and it looks and sounds stunning, so I might have to get on with some heavy hintong for a weekend away!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  18. I want to go to Dublin, so, so bad. You have no idea.

    Thank you for sharing!


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