Monday 17 November 2014

tgi friday's new menu.

Wanna know something weird? I'd never been to TGI Friday's before a couple of weeks ago. I know, right! So when they invited me down to try their new menu, I jumped at the chance. Plus, it was a good excuse to hang out with three of my favourite Bristol bloggers - Lily, Hayley & SJ.

This new menu is currently only available in two TGI branches, and one of them is our beloved Bristol. If it proves to be popular, they're going to roll it out to the rest of the country! 

When we arrived we really were treated to the VIP treatment, starting with drinks. The barman asked me what flavours I liked, and then he made me his favourite gin cocktail, with lemon and vanilla flavours running through it - perfection. 

After a lot of catching up, we finally decided on our food - Lily and I had hot wings to start, SJ had bruchetta and Hayley had Jack Daniels pork belly. They all looked delicious, and the portions are very generous. The wings were really yummy. I don't usually like a lot of spice, so with the fresh chillies picked off they were perfect. The blue cheese dip was really good too - and a little goes a long way. 

Next up was a very refreshing mojito (you can never go wrong with a mojito) followed by our huge mains! I think it'd be impossible to finish a starter and a main, unless you're a professional eater, or a boy (how come boys can eat crazy amounts of food, but I can't?) but we gave it a damn good go! SJ & Hayley had the warrior burger, which is a giant double burger with bacon, burger cheese, fried cheese.. a whole bunch of stuff, with fries and a few onion rings on the side. 

There are two things that I can never resist on a menu - one is squid, and the other is guacamole, which was found on top of this juicy hotdog in a slightly sweet brioche bun. Lily & I both had this, and loved it, although we couldn't manage all the fries hidden beneath it!

There was absolutely no way we could manage a dessert, so we finished off the evening with a couple more cocktails - this time the blueberry mojito which was recommended to us. It was nice, but probably my least favourite drink of the night. 

Soooo it's safe to say that everything we ate was delicious and we think that everyone should have the pleasure of eating it too! Thank you TGI for a lovely evening!

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  1. TGIs is where my boyfriend and I had our first "proper date" nearly five years ago now so it holds a special place in my heart, but I feel like I've tried absolutely everything on the menu so I really hope this gets rolled out across the country! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. I went to TGI's about a week or so ago for my boyfriend's birthday and the food is just divine. I want to try so much more of the menu. This looks lush!

  3. That burger looks absolutely incredible!

  4. That burger though!!! It looks huge but AMAZING! <3 xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. That burger looks to die for!
    Siobhan xx

  6. This sounds delicious, I need that gin cocktail recipe haha!

    Maria xxx


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