Wednesday 30 April 2014

may mini goals.

At the beginning of the year, I shared my two main goals for the year, and I have shared my mini goals for January, February, March and April with you. Here's how I did with those, and my goals for May!


• See friends more regularly - I saw a whole bunch of lovely humans while I was down in Devon, went up to Cheltenham for some super fun and decided to stay an extra night, hung out with Lily on Good Friday, and am meeting a friend tonight! Yeah, nothing groundbreaking, but it felt nice to be a bit more sociable.

• Be ok with spending time away from Doug - this was actually easier than I thought! He's going to be going back and forth between London and Bristol quite a lot over the next few months due to work, but I think it's actually really good for us to have our own breathing space.

• Learn to make better decisions - weeellllll, this worked in some respects, but I did get very drunk in Cheltenham (however, it was fun, I didn't do anything stupid, and I didn't feel that bad the next day) and Easter meant eating a lot of chocolate.. however, brain-wise and big-picture-wise, I think I've made some good decisions. 

• Make garden a nice place to be - I've almost sorted the seating situation out (just need to paint it and make some cushions) bought some pots and plants (but haven't put the plants in the pots) and haven't got rid of the rubble yet.. so this one definitely needs to be rolled over to May!  

• Actually do everything in my fixing/alterations pile - I think I altered/fixed two things.. maybe three at a push. Rolling this one over too...

• Sell sell sell - didn't do anything in regards to this goal..

HOWEVER, I did manage to get a job interview, trial shift, AND bag myself the job, so not all is lost! 

~ 6 goals is too many goals! I had 5 during March and it worked much better, so I'm going to attempt that again. Silly me for putting too much on my plate, as always! ~


• Have a super birthday!
Umm, you guys, it's my birthday this month! I don't know if you are already away, but I love birthdays. Even if they're not mine. Last year I was in Barcelona for my birthday, so I didn't get to celebrate it with many people - not that I really minded as it was an awesome holiday - so this year I'm having friends over for a party! Also, look out for a birthday giveaway happening very soon!

• Make garden a nice place to be.
If I'm having friends over for my birthday, I'm going to need to actually do this. I need a few dry days to get the painting and planting done, then there'll be bunting and lanterns going up! Those things could prettify any place! 

• Fixing/alterations pile.
There are lots of summery things just waiting to be altered/fixed so that they can be loved and worn! I will do at least 3 more of these little jobs this month.

• Sell sell sell.
I've had a huge bag of stuff that I need to sell, and still haven't gotten around to it. Putting it all on eBay just seems like so much effort! Has anyone used Depop? Would you recommend it? 

• Reseach career stuff.
So, yeah, I've got a part time job now. It's something that I can leave behind when I go home, not too much responsibility etc so that I can concentrate on my blog and finding what I want to really do with my life. I have a pretty good idea in my mind, so it's just about contacting a few people to find some things out! 

So those are my goals for my birthday month! I've found having two overall resolutions for the year, and then breaking them down into smaller goals (and adding a few fun ones!) for each month has made everything seem more within my reach! 

At the end of May, I'll recap on how I've done with these, and ramble on about things I'd like to achieve in the first month of summer!

PS. have you seen this blog post? I need your help!!

PPS. look out for my #BLCreativePrompts post tomorrow - it's a bit different this month! 

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  1. Congratulations on your new job Lyzi! You should definitely have a party for your birthday and good luck with the garden!

  2. This is such a lovely post and a really great idea! I think I may do my own, if it's ok with you but I'll link to your post.

  3. I love reading your mini goals for the months and getting inspiration from them!
    Congrats on your job :)

  4. I hope you have an awesome birthday, Lyzi! And big congrats on bagging the job :)

  5. Cheltenham is a fab night out! Glad you had a fab evening:)

  6. Congratulations on your new job! I love the idea of these posts, I think I will try and set myself some from now on :) xxx

  7. Love these posts, such a good idea <3

    Ellen xx

  8. I really like Depop :) I've sold much more on there than I normally would putting my old clothes on eBay x

    Megan /

  9. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, so proud of you L-bomb.

  10. Gooodluck! :)

  11. Congrats on your new job! And also well done with your goals and good luck with the newest ones. I really enjoy reading these posts on your blog :) x

  12. I do love this idea for each month and I definitely think I will try it next year.
    I made resolutions that were once per month ones and so far they are the only ones that are going well haha.
    I also like rounding the month up on my blog, resolution wise. It's nice to be accountable to an imaginary something.

  13. I love the idea of a monthly gal list! I set myself a to do list at the start of the year of 'big stuff' and I'm slowly working through that but I'm definitely a goal orientated person in day to day life as well. I have had the 'sell sell sell' thing on my list for forever and the mountain of clothes is piling up! I've just started using and it seems pretty good but I'm yet to see if it gives me the same results as Ebay, a lot less hassle though!


  14. Love your mini goals series, I hope they make you feel focused? I definitely need direction most days, otherwise you just plod along and nothing really happens! I am super excited about spending more time with you this summer mate, count me in for July! :D xxxx

  15. Good luck with your goals, it definitely helps me to feel more focused if I have them written down somewhere :)

    Maria xxx

  16. Best of luck on your goals, making a nice garden is something we share!

  17. Gongrats for your new job! I love this idea of the monthly goal! and thanks to your inspiration I finally have the courage to start with my blog! (with obviously a monthly goals list ^_^) thank a lot! and continue in this way, I love reading you!


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