Sunday 5 January 2014

january mini goals.

I mentioned recently about doing these monthly goal posts, and I was planning on posting this at the beginning of January.. but you know how things go - recovering from New Year's Eve took a couple of days, and then I was shot down with a lurgy. So really, this is my new year, because I haven't been able to do anything much until now.

Here they are:

• Get back into my sleeping/waking routine. 
Over Christmas and new year, this has all got a bit lost - late nights, late mornings.. then everything else goes out the window. Sometimes we don't have breakfast until 2pm. I need to sort this out so that I can be more productive again. 

• Start replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. 
As with the above habit, I have others I need to break, such as snacking. I'm already working on that by not buying snacks (pretty simple really, when you think about it!) I'd like to also replace watching crap TV with reading, and going outside more. The latter has been pretty difficult with all the horrible weather we've had lately! 

• Start looking for & applying to jobs that suit me. 
As you may or may not know, I've been out of work for around 5 years due to illness. I made a few attempts at work in 2013, but now it's time to be a bit more serious about it. I'm going to start with things I'm interested in, or could fit around what I want to do, but I know that I'll probably have to widen my net more than that! 

• Start saving money.
There are a few things Doug and I want to do this year that will require money. Quite a lot of money. So now that I've had my fun in the sales (spending a whopping £35) it's time to reign it in and start saving. The two goals below will also help with this! 

• Plan meals.
It might sound stupid, but since Doug moved in with me, I don't think we've ever planned meals more than a day or two in advance. This results in us going to the shops everyday, and while it's good to have a reason to go outside, we also end up spending more than we need. This week, we've planned at least 4 days worth of meals & bought almost all the ingredients (a few fresh things will be topped up!) 

• Sell my clothes.
I still have a pretty big pile of stuff to sell.. my blog sale is open again, but before long I'll be getting rid of the rest of it via Music Magpie & charity shops. I need more money and we desperately need more space! 

• Give my blog a slight make over.
This is just a little goal that I was thinking about yesterday. It's nothing major, but I'm thinking of injecting a little more colour into Being Little (maybe I'm rebelling against these grey skies) and giving it a little re-shuffle. 

• Plan something lovely for our anniversary.
It's mine and Doug's first anniversary on February 1st :) we've decided to not do gifts, so we can use the money to do something nice. At the moment we're thinking of a meal & then drinks at one of our new favourite - and secret! - bars. 

So those are my goals for this month! I've found having two overall resolutions for the year, and then breaking them down into smaller goals (and adding a few fun ones!) for each month has made everything seem more within my reach! 

At the beginning of February, I'll recap on how I've done with these, and ramble on about things I'd like to achieve in the shortest month of the year!

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  1. I love your plan to break things down into mini goals. It makes things seem much more manageable. Good luck with it all!

  2. tried to comment on my phone wouldn't let me.... all I wanted to say was GOD I LOVE YOU! XXX

  3. Great goals Lyzi :) I found it really hard getting back in to my morning routine of getting up early for work :( Hopefully it'll all be back to normal this week.

    As for secret bar, I AM INTRIGUED!

  4. That's such a good idea Lyzi! It's a good way to reach your big goals. -xo

  5. Being someone who doesn't stick well to resolutions, plans and goals (jeees, what am I like?!) thanks to an overt tendency to worry, I really like the idea of having a go at laying out smaller ones like these to stick to, because, if I fail to do something like not read my book instead of watching something on my laptop, it doesn't feel too big a deal like failing to reach a yearly goal would do. Great thinking, Lyzi!!

    It's definitely worth planning meals for the week - yes, it's boring, and I never want to do it, but it makes me search for recipes and means the majority of our dinners are made from scratch!

    Oh, and the boy and I do the same on our anniversary - we don't do presents but instead spend money on the days itself. Come March 9th it'll be 5 years of us doing so :O


  6. Breaking your goals down is such a smart idea. I don't usually make big resolutions, but maybe this year I will do little monthly ones as they are so much more realistic and manageable!

  7. Meal planning is definitely something I want to incorporate into my life. SO tired of shopping every other day for food. Love this list!

  8. Oooh I love this post, great little goals! The food planning one is so useful, saves you so so much money to buy in lots of ingredients you can use in many meals. Also secret bar? I'm so intrigued.. I heard about some secret cocktail bars in Bristol but I'm yet to stumble upon them!

    I've decided to do my new years posts the other way round, reviewing what I've done towards my main goals each month. We'll see in February if that works...! Looking forward to seeing your new blog design. x

    La Dulcie Vita
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  9. I love that you've split your goals into monthly lists, such a good idea. Also, I can't even comprehend how much I need to do the first one as well, I'm going to bed at like 4am and waking up at midday - it's killing me that I'm wasting half of the day away! x

  10. love the idea of breaking down goals.

    meal planning has changed the way we eat, saves us so much money and a way to try lots of new food :)

  11. This is such a good idea Lyzi! I may copy this - I have a mountain of things to do which is just too daunting to worry about all at once. <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  12. What a great idea.. having monthly goals is much more manageable than yearly resolutions!

  13. I love these mini goals for January - totally awesome!

  14. I need to work on my sleeping/waking schedule too. School starts tomorrow and I've gotten very used to doing nothing productive. I need to really work on sleeping at decent hours again!

    I love the idea of mini goals. THey seem so much more attainable and it feels great to reward yourself as you complete each goal!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  15. such a good idea to do mini goals :) Hope all goes swimmingly! xxx

  16. I'm loving all of your mini goals, we even share a few! What a great way to start out a new year! :D

  17. Lovely goals lady, dont push yourself too hard going back to work!xo

  18. Hi! Love this post, especially the part about getting into a proper sleeping pattern - from a girl who's currently commenting at 2am and has work in 4 hours, I'm with you on this one! Definately going to follow!

    Carlie @

  19. I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back on track too…It just gets messed up after the holidays :/

    The Artistically Challenged

  20. Love your goals list, I'm always making them for myself with currently a few similar ones that you have!

  21. Great list of goals. I wish you they come true.

  22. I am so on board with the snack thing! If there are no crisps in the house I eat an apple - it's magical!


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