Tuesday, 1 April 2014

b. l. creative prompts for april.

As you might've seen in my various corners of the web, I decided to set myself the challenge of being creative every day in March, using my list of creative prompts. Here are my drawings from last month, as well as prompts for April! 

If you've been scribbling along with me, please use the hashtag #BLCreativePrompts on Twitter and Instagram to show me what you came up with, and let me know if you've written any blog posts about it! Here are my drawings for March... (scroll through to find the prompts for April!)


1 • patterns. 2 • what's in your bag? 3 • a place you'd like to visit. 4 • your dream stack of pancakes. 5 • yourself. 6 • something on your wishlist. 7 • a favourite lyric. 8 • your favourite creature. 9 • hair. 10 • a first. 11 • the weather. 12 • book. 13 • hot air balloon. 14 • something you regret. 15 • a child. 16 • pick an object from your house and draw it. 17 • lovely things. 18 • a comic strip of something that happened today. 19 • bugs. 20 • your favourite person. 21 • your outfit today. 22 • a compliment to yourself. 23 • a map. 24 • people in a coffee shop. 25 • something you're looking forward to. 26 • sea creatures. 27 • a still from a movie/tv programme. 28 • a collage. 29 • your favourite place. 30 • hands & feet. 31 • diamonds.

As you can see.. there are one or two missing, and a couple that I put barely any effort into. BUT it's a good effort to be creative, I think! Hopefully I'll stick to it a little better in April. Here are this month's prompts!

These are all basically things I would like to draw or practise... hopefully you'll enjoy doing it as much as me! You can use anything you want, any size, any colour etc - go wild!

Hopefully they all make sense! I've tried to leave them a bit open to interpretation, but if you feel that any of them need a little more explaining, just leave a comment below!

Let's have a creative April!

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  1. Wow your work beautiful - please keep drawing, painting and creating!
    Don't give up the day dream xx

  2. You are an amazing artist! I think I'm going to do some of these what I can

    Vicky xo


  3. This is an amazing idea! Love the your outfit on your sick day by the way! Hope it brightened up your day!


  4. Wow all these drawings are incredible! You are super talented. Keep it up, I would love to see all of them!

    Krystal | www.moorekrystal.wordpress.com

  5. Reaaally nice!
    I am an art kind of girl my self and I really like what you did! Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Love, love, love the creative prompts idea - I wish I had time to join in, though I'm no artist :)

  7. These pictures are incredible, you're so talented! I loved the comic strip - very cool :)


  8. Love this post Lyzi, your illustrations and drawings are amazing! Just breath-taking, you're so darn talented girl! x


  9. These illustrations are so gorgeous, Lyzi! I'm really tempted to join in for April! xxx


  10. I like 18 & 19
    19th is my birthday and I've been wanting to get a tattoo for a while. Of flowers.
    Is it a sign?


  11. You're so talented, I wish I had talent as such! If I was as artistic as you, I would definitely do this, but unfortunately I'm not but I'll be looking forward to your April prompts!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  12. Such a lovely collection of creativity!

  13. i am seriously hard-core loving this! i'll be mentioning you in my blog and i ll take the challenge!

  14. this is so quirky and cute! you are insanely talented!

  15. WOW!! These drawings are incredible!!

  16. Your drawings are lovely. I'm definitely going to give this a try, bring on a super creative April.

  17. This is my favorite post in my feed. Wow- you are so talented!

  18. *shakes head* you're so talented missus. I think the Iceland one is my favourite! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  19. woah love the iceland one, the zara shoes, the portraits and the comic strip, really inspiring stuff!

  20. The drawings of yourself and Doug are incredible. You're one talented lady x

  21. You are such an AMAZING artist. So inspiring too :)
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  22. These are wonderful, Lyzi, you're so talented. I really like your portraits, wish I had the time to be more creative. Instead I just have a pile of empty sketchbooks.

  23. your so talented! These prompts are so hopeful, they've given me something to work on this month! :) <3


  24. amazing and inspiring! x


  25. I wish I'd have seen this earlier! Been trying to get back to drawing! Will join in next month though! :)

    PS: Your artwork is amazing! ^_^

    xo Trisha


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