Wednesday 14 November 2012

street casuals wishlist.

There'll probably be a lot of these wishlist-type posts on the run up to Christmas.. just in case, y'know, someone wants to buy me a really awesome present. The first is from the NEW women's section on the Street Casuals site! I always like looking at the men's tees they have anyway (especially the Actual Pain ones, mmm) but now they have things for lady-shapes too!

1 • ACTUAL PAIN SERPENT VEST •  okay, so this is technically from the men's section, but vests like this are definitely unisex. I love AP designs so much, I had to include something from them..

2 • DR DENIM SNAP JEANS, BIKING RED • these are such a good colour! The winter is drawing in, and it's so easy to get stuck wearing dark colours. These would brighten up the dullest of days!

3 • PENFIELD KASSON PARKA, OLIVE • this coat looks ridiculously cosy! I can never afford decent parkas like this, that are long, warm and waterproof. Maybe one day... it has so many pockets too!

4 • OBEY EYE OF THE MOON TEE • I'm sure you're all well aware by now that I have an obession with the moon, so how could I resist this t-shirt? It's such a soft colour and relaxed fit.

5 • DIAMOND SUPPLY CO LABEL PIN, DMND BLUE • this teeny little pin (2cm) is so cute! I'd love to pin it on my black coat to jazz it up a little. It also comes in silver if this gorgeous colour isn't your thang.

6 • HUF DEATH FROM ABOVE, CAMO • I'm not actually the kind of girl who wears hats like this, but if I was, I'd DEFINITELY buy this hat. The abstract camo print is actually really cute! Such good colours too.

7 • VANS ERA 59, DRESS BLUE • Vans are cool, we all know this. I have a plain black pair that go with pretty much everything, and these navy ones would do the same. I love the little leather details.


  1. Number 6. WOW!
    I'm not a huge fan of hats but that is lovely

    UK High Street Fashion & Style Blog

  2. such lovely wish list woooaah ! x

  3. I love the parka looks cozy.


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