Wednesday 28 November 2012

beauty boxes // glossybox & joliebox.

I've been receiving GlossyBoxes for a while now, and though I knew there were other beauty boxes out there, I'd never actually got around to trying them. I got an email from JolieBox recently, asking if I'd like to try one of their boxes and I jumped at the chance! I really like beauty boxes, as I'm a bit of a beauty novice, so it's nice to try things out and learn about products I might not have tried before.

I thought it'd be quite interesting to show the differences between the two boxes, and see just what you get for your money (both boxes are £10 + p&p)

First up is the JolieBox. The first thing that I noted as a massive plus point is the little magazine that came with it - it's full of information, advice, ideas... I loved flicking through and getting tips! A cool little extra.


VERTUMNE Á VÉNUS - MANUCURE ABSOLUE: a moisturising & regenerating hand cream made with all natural ingredients. I get really dry hands in the winter, and this does a pretty good job of keeping them moisturised. I find the scent a bit overpowering though.

JANE IREDALE - GLOW TIME BB CREAM: this was actually the first BB cream I've tried, and despite the shade being a bit dark for my skin, it looked pretty nice. It gave good coverage, and I like the idea of everything being combined in one. It claims to be lightweight, but it felt quite heavy on my skin.

TOPICREM - BODY GLITTER 3D EFFECT: I really like this! It's a sweet, shimmery cream that gives you a nice glowy sheen! I'll definitely be cracking this out for nights out & Christmassy dos.

DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK - GENTLE FACIAL WASH: I really like this brand, I've received some body scrub before and it was lush. This is fine on my sensitive skin & leaves me feeling fresh.

YARDLEY - ROYAL DIAMOND EAU DE TOILETTE: a fresh and light scent, which is what I usually go for! Floral and girly. 

MARVIS - AMARELLI LIQUOIRICE TOOTHPASTE: I hate liquorice! I will not be putting this anywhere near my mouth, however the packaging is awesome! I love the vintage feel.

This month, I feel GlossyBox has done well, as the majority of the products I really like and would buy again. I'm not that into brands etc, so I don't know if these products are necessarily better than in the JolieBox, but I really like them! But then, there's no little magazine... hmm.


ALISON CLAIRE NATURAL BEAUTY - MANGO BODY BUTTER: this smells sooooooooo good. The little pump can be a bit annoying when you have moisturiser-y hands, but it makes up for it by smelling and feeling amazing. 

DERMALOGICA - DAILY MICROFOLIANT: I've tried this product before, as my sister-in-law uses a lot of Dermalogica products, and I still love it. My skin felt RIDICULOUSLY soft after using it, and the dry skin I had has disappeared.

WEI BEAUTY - JUJUBE AGE CONTROL SERUM: I'm always thoroughly confused about when you should start using anti-aging stuff - I feel like I'm still too young! So I haven't actually used this..

OLAY - 3 POINT TREATMENT CREAM: this is fragrance free (which is always a bonus for my sensitive skin) and feels pretty nice. I've been using it as a night cream, as it's a bit richer than my usual moisturiser. 

NAILS INC - NOTTING HILL GATE: first off - cutest tiny little bottle ever! I really didn't expect to like this neon nail varnish, I thought it was a bit too "barbie" for me.. but as soon as I'd painted my nails (with a few coats, mind) I shocked myself by LOVING the colour. It's really brightening up these wintery days.

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. I don't subscribe to any but I'm thinking of getting a craft or food one. I have loads of samples of make up that I never use because I'm quite fussy but I'm not the same with food ;)

  2. You are too good,

  3. I've heard good things about this dead sea gentle cleansing wash product. Going on my wish list now!


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