Sunday, 11 November 2012

erratic clouds.

• The sky echoes my mind. There's something on fire - besides my heart - and the smoke is clouding my eyes, burning my eyes; what's true? The chill catches my breath, mimics the smoke, the clouds. At least I'm breathing. At least I'm still living when I want to fade like the smoke; like the clouds I want to rain down as something new. •

The beautiful skies earlier, and some words that I scribbled down as I watched. I am content.


  1. Beautiful pictures :) hope you had a nice day !

    Beautiful Dreams

  2. they are so pretty, the second ones i'd like to wrap myself in <3

  3. Really beautiful shots and wonderful words xoxo

  4. Beautiful shots, content is an excellent thing to feel =) x

  5. Beautiful pics and such nice words :) x

  6. Wow stunning pictures!x

  7. those words are beautiful, Lizzi xxx


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