Monday 19 November 2012

simply beach // freya bikini.

It seems kind of weird writing a blog post about a bikini while it's about 6 degrees outside, but if you're going to be having a little getaway to somewhere hot, or even if you just want to look nice when you go to your local swimming pool, maybe you should check out Simply Beach. They recently contacted me about their swimwear and lingerie ranges, and kindly offered to send me something of my choice! 

I've never actually bought a bikini in my bra size - I usually just get cheap ones from H&M or Primark that come in dress sizes (8, 10, 12 etc etc) and I've definitely learnt the error of my ways. Gone are the days of worrying that my boobs aren't totally covered, or tying the back up a little too tight to avoid a bikini mishap. 

When searching through the bikinis, this retro style Freya one caught my eye. It also happened to be in the sale, and my size was one of the only ones left! As soon as it arrived, I put it on, and it fits perfectly! It's so comfortable, and I feel very secure in it too. I don't really want to put photos of myself in a bikini on my blog, but rest assured, it looks awesome. 

The key hole detail on the briefs, and the bow on the top are a really cute touch, and make me feel all flirty. Now all I need is a big sun hat and a hot waiter to bring me a fancy cocktail, as I lie on a sun lounger. Somebody please make this happen!

There are now only a few big sizes left of this particular bikini, but there are loads of awesome styles. There literally is something to suit every body shape. I also like this fruity number


  1. This set looks so nice! Like you I've never bought swimwear in my size, something which never ends well! I think the 'Jets Momentum Stripe' and 'West End' sets our my favourite, although this hounds tooth one is rather tempting! x

  2. This looks lovely, we just need some sunshine now! xx

  3. it looks very cute and vintage!!!
    come and say hello if you fancy my blog :)
    have a nice week!

  4. So cute! This post is making me miss summer!x

  5. i love freya's underwear so I'll have to check out the swimwear too! xx

  6. This is such a nice bikini, will definitely be checking the sight out :) xx

  7. This is a really cute suit!

    <3 Melissa


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