Friday 15 August 2014

bristol's best bits.

I love sharing awesome little places that I find in beautiful Bristol, and today I'm lucky enough to be teaming up with BANK Fashion to show you the best places in my colourful city.

First up, I thought I'd share my favourite places local to me. North Street is definitely up-and-coming - there are always new and interesting businesses sprouting up on the once deserted road. There used to be a good end and a bad end, but now wonderful shops & cafes are making use of the entire stretch. 

There are lots of great cafes, restaurants and bars - The Old Bookshop (below) has amazing decor, The Hare has the best range of beers, The Burger Joint does the yummiest burgers ever - fact! , Margot May (below) for an usual cup of tea and scrummy cake, and Hennesseys, to name a few! All offer lovely food along with a relaxed atmosphere, and many boast using local produce. 

An amazing vintage shop called Rhubarb Jumble popped up a couple of weeks ago too. I had a snoop around today and was greeted by amazingly friendly staff, a beautiful array of clothes and homeware, and I may have bought a couple of things...

There's also a lovely green grocer, Mark's Bread, a gorgeous craft shop, lots of charity shops & useful shops.. it's a bit out of the city centre, but North Street is definitely becoming a destination in itself. 

A short walk from North Street, you can find the beautiful wide open green expanse that is Ashton Court Estate. The best place for picnicking, or just getting away from the bustle of the city.

Leigh Woods (below) is nearby too, which is so fun to explore. You can see more photos from our walk through the woods here. You can end up by the suspension bridge, which is a must on a beautiful day - you can see so far!

On the other side of the bridge is beautiful Clifton - the wealthiest part of the city. Gorgeous town houses, antique shops and up market cafes line these streets. 

Whiteladies Road is known as a destination for eating & drinking. Well known restaurants and local gems can be found here, and so much more! Just behind Whiteladies is Cotham Hill, which has a good few charity shops, some of which specialise in vintage.

Past The Triangle - also great for eating and drinking, or shopping for records & geekery - you'll find Park Street. This photo doesn't do it justice - it's really steep and full of nice shops. It's pretty much the vintage shopping destination in the city centre. There's also a great bookshop where all the books are about £2. I know a certain little lady who is a fan.

At the bottom of Park Street, on the harbour side, there are lots more restaurants and cafes (we're quite a fan of food here...) but there's also Watershed - inside there's a restaurant, cinema and big rooms for talks and conferences. We've seen a few amazing films here, and I attended a talk by the Vagenda ladies with SJ once too. So great.

Across the fountains, there are two of my favourite cafe's, which I've mentioned on Being Little numerous times - Start the Bus (above) and The Birdcage (below) I won't prattle on about them too much, but check them out if you're ever in the city centre needing an eat or drink.

If you're around in the evening and fancy a cocktail, try to hunt down The Milk Thistle. You won't be disappointed.

A little further up Corn Street there's the newly opened Cosy Club, which is beautiful, and down a road on the right there are these 3 cool places - Bagel Boy, Store Next Door, and Playground Coffee House. They're all worth checking out!

At the top of Corn Street is St Nick's market, which is awesome for a street food style lunch. There's so much choice, and I wrote a little about it here

There's also this cute vintage shop, which you might've seen on the tellybox recently!

Aahhh Stokes Croft. So much colour and graffiti! There are a great array of arty shops up Cheltenham & Gloucester roads - all stocking local artists' work, as well as loads of other awesome stuff. There are also - you guessed it - loads of cafes. My favourite is Cafe Kino (below) which sells all vegetarian & vegan food, as well as hosting life drawing, exhibitions and live music. 

A little further up you'll find Dutty, which has an amazing basement full of vintage goodness - I bought a few headscarves last time I was there! - and Cox & Baloney, which is a vintage shop on one side, and a tea room on the other... that's basically my ultimate dream.

So that's a quick whistle-stop tour around my happy little city! Although, I could've gone on for hours...

What are your favourite places in Bristol? 

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  1. After working at cribbs causeway for 6 months I finally moved to bristol about a month ago! I feel that I should make a list from this post so I can go on some adventures, I have seen a few of these places but I should go out and about more :) Had a bagel from bagel boy whilst we had our training, so gooooood xx

  2. Ahhhhhh I bloody love our city <3

    Also what is Margot May? Please can you introduce me xx

  3. This post has made me very, very, very excited about moving back up to Bath in a couple of weeks!!

  4. I've never actually been to Bristol before (though we drove through it to get to the Balloon Fiesta last weekend). I think a trip is definitely needed to explore some of these amazing looking places!
    Have a great weekend!
    xo April Everyday

  5. I used to go to Bristol quite often to go to gigs when I was living in Cardiff, but I haven't been for ages. I'm going to bookmark this post...I really want to go back there now! x x

  6. Wow! Great photos! I'm really diggin' those vintage shops!

  7. Thank you for this post! I live just down the road in Bath, and have been feeling suck in a rut recently in terms of places to adventure. I will definitely be mixing things up over the next few months, and will hopefully get round to trying some of your recommendations! (start the bus is already a favorite!) J x
    That Girl In The Attic

  8. My cousin lives in Bristol! I love checking out the quirky places with her and graffiti - this post really makes me wish I was there right now!

    Jodie.xo ||

  9. We should totally hang out in Bristol sometime!

  10. I loved this post Lyzie! Bristol looks like such a fun and cool City! I really want to visit!

  11. This post has been really helpful as I'm moving to Bristol in a few weeks! x

  12. Great post! I've never been to Britstol but would like to someday!

  13. Wow! I've made it up to Bristol once a year for the last few years (we have friends nearby and it's usually a cheap break for a few days) and there are loads of beautiful places I've never seen. Park Street and the Harbour are my favourite spots. Hoping to come back up in November so I'll be using this post as a reference point :)

  14. Awesome post - will definitely be checking out these spots when I'm back on British soil ;)

  15. I visited Bristol recently and I loved it, I am gutted I didn't see some of these places on my visit! H xx

  16. I want to jump on the next train to Bristol. going to keep this post in my favs :-) great post xxxx

  17. I almost went to Bristol for university - sort of regret it! Would love to spend a few days there exploring x x x

  18. I love this post, I coincidently also did a post on Bristol last week. I've been here for 3 years now and still need to try out The Bird Cage and The Milk Thistle, this has made me want to visit those places before the end of the year, thank you :)

  19. Really loved reading this post! I went to university in Bristol and haven't been back in a long time. This has really inspired me to take my boyfriend on a weekend away there when the sun comes back out! x

    Emily -

  20. Oh this is so lovely! My husband and I are moving to Bristol from Western Australia next year, and I'm so glad I found your blog so I can get a good feel for the place before we move! xxx


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