Monday 18 August 2014

i like mine #totesbig !

You may have seen a few photos like this hanging around Instagram lately, and wondered why Cath Kidston would be so rude..

I don't know what you were thinking, but, well, duh, we're actually talking about their new range of tote bags. Obv. They'll be available from Thursday, in two sizes & five different prints! I've got my eye on the big Townhouses tote..

Occasionally, I like mine #totessmall, but usually I like mine #totesbig, so that I can carry everything I could possibly need around with me.

Here's a little example of what you can find in my bag on an average day! 

• Next tote bag
• iPad, in a Cath Kidston case +
• notebook & pencil
• Ted Baker make up bag + (more on what's inside it another day!)
• Ralph Lauren sunglasses +
• Kjore Project wallet +
• Dove hand cream
• an apple/other snack
• lip balm
• chewing gum
• Zara jumper
• keys

Do you like yours #totesbig or #totessmall ...?

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  1. #totesbig! I tend to carry a book, a magazine, either my jumper/kimono, purse, keys, bottle of water, and sometimes my nintendo DS!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. #totesbig!!
    I carry so much around with me and i have a large purse. Small bags are impossible!

    Much love.

  3. #totesbig, I am a horder for sure. Can't leave the house without a million things I do not need (Currently have 5 different lip balms, essentials y'know).

    Jayde |

  4. #Totesbig

  5. #totesbig
    I tend to have either a lot of stuff (almost all not very useful) in my bag or nothing at all, just my phone and purse. Those seem to be the times though that I will need a pair of scissors or a full first aid kit, you can't win!

  6. #totesbig
    there is NEVER enough room for all the things I tend to lug around, I really need to reduce it but whenever I go to I'm like... well you never know, I could need {insert random obscure item} at one point
    Helena /

  7. #totesbig

    I carry way more than I should on a daily basis but I always find that if I take something out of my bag thinking I won't need it then the next day I wish I had it with me!
    Such a cute post too.


  8. if I'm working its #totesbig
    weekends are about #totessmall with a cute clutch or over the shoulder bag

  9. #totesbig
    I either have way too much stuff in my tote bag or a bare minimum, no matter what some make-up and my iPhone always travels with me!

  10. Ohhh, #totesbig every single time.
    I always have to make sure I have everything - DSLR, charger case, a book or magazine...brolly....loads more!

  11. #totesbig - how could anyone be anything else, there's always so many things to carry around! Love the look of your cute pink notebook, by the way. I'm a sucker for cute stationery!

    Technicolour Dreamer

  12. I had a little chuckle when I first saw this hashtag! Love Cath Kidston and love her bags! xx


  13. I am usually a totesbig kinda gal, mainly cause I feel the need to carry so much stuff around with me every day H xx

  14. #totesbig for sure, I carry EVERYTHING around with me, you never know what you might need!

    Maria xxx

  15. I like mine totesbig too, I have way too much I count as essentials to downsize

  16. #Totesbig for sure! Mine pretty much looks like yours... only I have a bar of chocolate instead of an apple - oops! ♥
    Hayley x


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