Friday 8 August 2014

5, 10 & 15 min makeovers | clarins.


Let’s be honest here – I wear pretty much the same make up every single day, with the occasional change in eyeliner or lipstick colour. I’m a bit scared of change, and I don’t really know what products are good for my face.

Luckily for me, this week I’m teaming up with Clarins to show you just how easy it can be to create 3 different looks in 5, 10 or 15 minutes!

The other day, a lovely package from Clarins turned up on my doorstep. Firstly, I was overwhelmed by the amount of products in the bag, but then I noticed the helpful step by step tutorials telling me how to use them all!

Now, I’ll share them with you.


Products used:

• BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25
• Multi-Blush
• Be Long Mascara
• Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

This 4-step look is incredibly easy & low maintenance. The BB Cream saves so much time, and is a product somewhere between moisturiser and foundation. Simply warm the product slightly on your hand, then use your fingers to smooth over the skin, from the centre outwards.

Follow by tapping & blending the blusher into the cheeks, then add mascara – which makes your lashes look super long by the way! It also contains a growth-boosting complex which is supposed to make them grow! And finally finish with the lovely soft lip colour. 


Products used:

• Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base
• BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25
• Instant Concealer • Ombre Minérale Eye Shadow
• Crayon Khol Eyeliner Pencil
• Be Long Mascara

A couple of pumps of the Base gives a healthy glow from beneath your BB Cream, and comes in 3 different shades – the one I had was a cool pale rosy colour. Unfortunately, the concealer I had was a couple of shades too dark for my skin, but the consistency felt brilliant, and wasn’t cakey at all.

I absolutely loved this eyeliner - the brush on the other end is so great for blending and getting that smoky eye look that I can never usually master!

(Photos from straight on are never flattering, but necessary in this type of post!)


Products used:

• Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
• BB Skin Perfecting Cream SPF 25
• Instant Light Brush-On Perfector
• 3-Dot Liner
• Be Long Mascara
• Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector

There were a couple of products in this tutorial that weren’t supplied, so I substituted them for what I had.

The Instant Smooth base was just lovely. It felt so velvety smooth and made pores and imperfections much less visible. I’ve been using it everyday since! The Instant Light Brush-On Perfector is perfect for under eyes and along cheekbones.

The 3-Dot Liner is another great eyeliner (starting to think Clarins might make the best eyeliners in the world..) designed to help fill in the lash line. I went slightly overboard with it, as I love that thick, black eyeliner look.  Since taking these photos I’ve been using it just to fill the lash line and slightly enhance my eyes, and it gives a really lovely natural look.

It was so interesting to have the opportunity to use one brand’s make up for my whole face, and be taught how to use the products properly. I’d never tried any make up by Clarins, and I’ve definitely found some products that I’ll be buying again - the eyeliners, mascara, instant smooth & brush-on perfector.

Have you used any Clarins products? What did you think?

Although this is a sponsored post, all thoughts, views, and images are my own.

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  1. Lyziiii, you're so pretty <3 <3 <3 Think my fave is the second one, you really suit a smokey eye! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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