Friday 1 August 2014

salted caramel doughnuts.

This week, the lovely people at sent me a premium package of baking goodies to have a play with, and challenged me to make one of the recipes on the website. I had never ever made doughnuts before, so I decided this would be the perfect excuse..

I donned my new apron and read through the recipe - it seemed simple enough! The first thing to do was make the caramel sauce, which was very simple. You just had to combine butter, sugar and cream! A little salt & vanilla was dropped in for some extra flavour. It then lived in the fridge for the next two hours. 

Next up, all the dry ingredients were mixed in one bowl, while all the wet ingredients were combined in another! 

I then combined the two mixtures, but my dough was way too wet to roll out, so I added a bit more flour. 


I experiemented by frying the doughnut holes first - which I decided was a great idea and continued to do!

These were the first ones I made, which Doug and I had to try immediately with a sprinkling of icing sugar! They were a hit, but I decided I'd prefer them smaller, so I experimented a little more until I got the cutest little chubby doughnuts! 

After leaving the golden doughnuts to cool a little, it was time to glaze them with the salted caramel. This was a messy job, but I enjoy getting a bit messy. I added a little icing sugar - rather than sea salt - to the tops, as I felt they were salty enough as they were. This could be because I put too much salt in the caramel at the beginning...

Doug loved them, and I took them into work where my friend Tom gave me a score of 11/10! 

SO what do you think?! In my opinion, I didn't do too bad for my first try at doughnuts! And they were a lot easier to make than I thought. I'll definitely be making them again, and experimenting with different glazes. 

You can find this recipe and many more on Baking

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  1. oh my god they look soooo amazing!
    amelia from wonder reads

  2. They look delicious! Well done.

  3. Oh WOW these look amaaayzing!!! I've always been kind of wary of making doughnuts. The whole hot oil thing kind of puts me off... but maybe I'll give these a go when Winter hits and I'm cooped up inside! :) xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  4. These look so good!

    Emma xo | |

  5. Dear Lord I'm in heaven. Serious doughnut craving now <3 xx

  6. I am going through a cake addiction at the moment, and these look too good to refuse. My mouth is actually watering! H xx

  7. Oh my golly gosh, these look so so so so so scrummy Lyzi x

  8. They look delicious, I love doughnuts but I've never thought of making them myself.

  9. I want them in and around my mouth.

  10. oh my god these look SO GOOD. i miss doughnuts. i've never had a gluten free one that's been as nice as a 'proper' one!

  11. Oh gosh, those look amazing! Could do with a couple of those with my tea now! Yum! xx

  12. These look so good! Great British Bake Off might be in your sights! :P


  13. Lyzi these look delicious!! Pinning them under my "yum" board haha, you're a natural :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  14. Lyzi these look delicious!! Pinning them under my "yum" board haha, you're a natural :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  15. Bloody delicious!


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