Wednesday 6 August 2014

lunch at jamie's italian.

I've only eaten at Jamie's Italian once before, so when I was offered the chance to review the Bath restaurant, I grabbed it with both hands and started deciding what I'd have straight away...

Once we got there, we were greeted by a man making fresh pasta, and some super friendly and knowledgeable staff. We chose our drinks - elderflower for me, Liberta beer for him, plus a jug of water - and then decided on our meals. 

It would be silly not to try all three courses, so first up we had the baked chestnut mushrooms and the crispy squid. If there's ever squid on a menu, I have to have it. It's my absolute favourite, and this certainly didn't disappoint. It was definitely crispy, and it was definitely squid - you could even make out the cute little tentacles and things. It's the yummiest I've ever had.

The mushrooms were nice too, surrounded by lovely crisped up dough and topped with lots of cheese & thyme. The dish tasted slightly smoky and nutty - delicious.

For our main courses, we both had pasta dishes. After witnessing the pasta being made at the entrance, and the place being well known for their pasta, we had to see what the hype was about. Doug had the veggie honeycomb cannelloni trio, and I had the wild rabbit casarecce (mostly because I was really jealous of Claire having it last time I went!)

I didn't try any of the cannelloni, but it looked so scrummy - each little tube of pasta was filled with either aubergine & sundried tomatoes, pumpkin, or ricotta and spinach. It must've been pretty good, as Doug finished every last mouthful! 

On the side we had cime de rapa, which is a brocolli dish. I usually love brocolli, but this wasn't to my taste - I think it was slightly bitter. Doug enjoyed it though, so he finished that off! 

My slow-cooked wild rabbit ragu was beautiful. The meat was so so soft, and the breadcrumbs gave it a lovely crunch. Being able to have a smaller sized dish is a huge plus too, as I can never eat huge amounts of pasta!

Finally, dessert. Doug went for the epic homemade brownie (which was raaaather delicious, although not the best brownie I've ever tasted! Not quite sure it deserves the "epic" title.) and I had a huge mound of tiramisu, which was so yum, but there was slightly too much of it - the texture of creaminess and soft sponge gets a bit much after a while. I think it'd be better to share it with someone. 

All in all, a super tasty lunch - one of the best I've had in ages! I'll definitely be back to Jamie's soon, even if it's just for that squid...

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  1. Oh wow, that looks delicious. I still haven't tried Jamie's yet but it's definitely on my list - it may have moved up a few places after reading this!x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  2. Oh, so jealous, everything looks delicious, I have heard great things about Jamie's resturants! H xx

  3. I have been a couple of times and it is beautiful. I love the interior of the restaurant too. It is so perfect.


  4. That looks to delicious!! I've never been to one, but the one in York has been handing out leaflets for money off so I thought it might not be doing to well. Might have to pop in and look myself now though!

  5. This looks fantastic! I've only been to Jamie's once before and was pretty disappointed. Think I'll have to give it another chance!
    Catherine x | Brighton Girl

  6. Mm looks lovely!! The dessert looks yummy!!

    Emma Louise xx

  7. that dessert looks amazing! Last time I went i hated it :s Maybe I will give it another go one day xx

  8. The food looks awesome! Squid's always a great choice ;)

  9. I will have to take a visit on my next trip to Bath! Especially now I know there are veggie options on the menu :) Looks wonderful!

  10. Sounds like an amazing place to eat! The food looks to die for! The pasta and tiramisu look particularly delicious! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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