Wednesday 25 September 2013

are you bold with colour?

Every year when the weather turns a little colder, I find myself reaching for the blacks and greys in my wardrobe. But why? Surely as the weather gets more drab, I should want to wear brighter clothing to cheer myself up.. I sometimes think bright colours can look a little childish too, so if I ever have to do something serious, out come the boring colours. Read on for a few little facts about wearing colour..

I think this little infographic is right, we should definitely be more confident with what we wear! 

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  1. yeahhhhh I need to start buying brighter things! However I am a sucker for jewel tones in winter, burgundy and teal are gorgeous :)

    cheers for sharing,

    josie x

  2. I'm all about bright colors. My absolute favorite color to wear is red. Maybe I just don't care about standing out. I always feel like I look best in bright colors.

  3. I love wearing bright things so much more than neutrals, I feel like neutrals drain all of the colour out of my skin and I don't feel me in them at all!

    elena kooky capricious 

  4. this was really interesting! I think I'm a 60: 40 spilt of darks and brights! x

  5. I love wearing color, but recently, I've really been into wearing black and white

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  6. I LOVE wearing colour, especially yellows and greens in Autumn :)


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