Friday 3 September 2010

next up.

I have a few things in mind that I need to do next:

• a step-by-step guide to bookbinding for my friend Ayla :) I'm no expert, but it will hopefully help her, and she won't have to spend millions on books or courses. If it turns out any good I might post it up on here.

• I need to do a LOT of drawing. I feel like I've majorly got out of the habit, and I feel like I need to do some really good studies, and just scribble and draw a lot more. I don't want to lose that skill, and I feel like it's slipping away. Again, if any of the scribbles turn out remotely good, they'll be on here.

• a little bit of modification and making. Clothes-wise. I need to get lots of bits and bobs to attach to existing clothes (things like lace and broderie anglaise) and I need to track down some nice fabric to make skirts out of. I'm big into skirts right now, so versatile. The plain black dress I bought the other day needs a little something. I had to take it up by about 10-15cm as I'm a bit small and the dress was a bit long, and I like it loads more now, but it's lacking something. I'm really really hoping that when I put it in the wash it doesn't shrink... as some cheap clothes have a tendancy to do.

As for the Beyond the Sea exhibition and books - all went well, as far as I'm aware! It was a really fun night, the bands were great, and there was a good turn-out in the end. I got some really good feedback on my books, the only problem was the light wasn't exactly ideal for exhibiting art, and a few people have asked to see them again in a better light.

I didn't have time to scan them in before the exhibition, and I haven't yet got them back, but as soon as I do, I'll whack 'em up here.

Phew! I'm knackered.

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