Friday 17 September 2010


Please excuse my big scruffy manshirt!!! I'm a little under the weather so I didn't make any effort.

This afternoon, I've had a truly delightful Devonshire time. My Mum met me off the ferry, and we got a Devon icecream topped with Devon cream, then we drove over to Strete Gate and did some blackberry picking! Look how many we got! And look how beautiful it is there.
There were still LOTS of blackberries that were still red, which means there are a good few weeks of blackberry picking left. When they're all gone, I'm going to make jam I think :) and depending on how many I gather, perhaps some icecream!!


  1. you are absolutely the cutest thing i have ever seen. and the most talented! and the most original!
    and I'm a straight girl saying that!

    you have the best style. and your hair. and your cutest dollface. and you eyes! oh, your eyes! and your tattoos.
    sometimes i'm thinking of writing a book about a girl that looks like you. really-really!

    + as I am watching you on deviantart, i know how goddamn talented you are.

    sometimes when you post something sad on your blog. I wish I could show you a big sign "you're so much better than that, you beautiful one, you!"

    and no, I'm not stalking (: I just like beautiful talented people.
    and I've had too many gin and tonics to keep quiet any longer!

  2. I really want to go blackberry picking! x


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