Tuesday 14 September 2010

national cupcake week!

It's National Cupcake Week this week, and what better excuse to have a friend around for a few cups of tea and lots of cupcakes. We made fruit muffins and chocolate cupcakes. The fruit muffins failed to rise, and then sank in the middle...but we covered it up with icing! The chocolate chip cupcakes were GORGEOUS, using the recipe me and my mum pretty much always use to make cakes. We topped them with melted chocolate and white chocolate stars!! Chocolate overdose!

Also, I guess this is a good time to show off the scales I got from Totnes Market last Friday. They cost £15, down from £25 thanks to my shameless flirting ;)

Now, get baking!

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  1. mm they look so yummy! love the stars. did you just cut them by hand? x


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