Sunday 5 September 2010


There are certain trends I always associate with autumn/winter:
• kind of "back to school" trends, including fabrics like tartan and tweed, smart/casual looks, long socks, blouses and blazers. This year there's an amazing range of smart shorts and trousers. And accessories like carpet bags and loafers are popular - school girl verging on librarian vibe.
• gothic trends, like fur (detachable collars seem to be everywhere at the moment), dark lace (although colour is making a hit), velvet and leather.
• big chunky knits and fair-isle patterns - reminds me of Christmases passed.
• and always colours like reds, browns, greys - muted colours mixed with hits of navy blue, mustard yellow and burnt orange. Obviously inspired by the changing scenery around us.

Top row: Tweed shorts, Topshop, £38; Blouse withdetachable bow, Fort Forte, £218; Woollen skirt, Ashish at Browns, £405; Faux fur stole, Topshop, £25; Leather tunic dress, Topshop, £150.
Bottom row: Mushroom print silk blouse, Topshop Unique, £90; Cape, Sandro, £335; Aviator jacket, Burberry Prorsum £2195; Oversized duck print tee, Topshop, £28; Leaf print skirt, Silence&Noise at UO, £38.

A lot of it seems sensible and practical - all the fabrics and colours make sense considering the weather we will soon have to endure. There's quite a grown-up feel to it all, which I'm not sure I can pull off. I suppose I'll go for the more geeky feel, rather than the grown-up.

I'm quite baffled by all the floral print that is still around. Although most of it is muted or has an oriental feel, a/w and floral doesn't make sense to me. Urban Outfitters has a floral compromise - a falling leaves skirt.

Boots are big business at the moment as well, everyone is going nuts for them. There are a few big styles at the moment:
• clogs are still around, but they've been transformed into boots. I've never liked clogs - I think they're frumpy and ugly.
• hiking boots with a heel. More practical than clogs, and not quite as ugly, they are lace-up and fur-lined.
• prim and proper, ladylike victoriana boots. Think lace, ruffles and shoelaces. They're not very "me", but they are very pretty.
• it also looks like thigh-highs are around for another year - they just make me think of hookers. Also, I'm pretty short so I don't think they would ever work on me.

My favourite boots at the moment are these feathered river island flats, and, of course, the good old Dr Martens. I could not live without mine.

L-R: Dr Marten 8 eyelet boots, UO, £80; Lined multi strap boot, UO, £110; Feathered boots, River Island (sorry for the tiny photo and lack of pricing, I've seen these boots in store but they don't have them on the website!)

This a/w I'm feeling a bit of everything. I've always been into grunge and goth looks, so I love it when a/w rolls around so I have an excuse to indulge in it once again. Over the years it's got a bit more grown up and subtle.
I never follow trends to the letter, just take the things I like. I think it looks really silly and try-hard if you go all-out on one trend.
I'm always drawn to cute/funny/kids' stuff, and like mix it with some grunge, indie & vintage.
I'd really like to try some of these trousers that are everywhere at the moment, I just don't know how to wear them or if they'll suit me. I guess you don't know until you try!
Over the next few weeks I will hopefully be rocking long socks, smart shoes, skirts, spectacles, big cardigans and parkas, before it gets too cold.

I just have one question - how do long socks stay up? Mine always fall down, but maybe they're bad quality - I did get them from primark last year.

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  1. my long socks never stay up either, I think there's some sort of magical way people wear them (or they're just really sneaky at pulling them up when you're not looking) my solution was to buy tights which are printed to look like they're actually long socks :) much easier! x


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