Wednesday 16 December 2015

my new do & how to keep it healthy.

Soooo I got my hair did about a million days ago now, so I thought I better show you my new 'do in all its glory, and share my hair routine with you too - how I keep it soft and healthy!

I popped down to new salon Rush Hair Salon on the Horsefair on their opening day for a new cut and colour. I am one of these awful people who cuts her hair herself... I've got a bit of a phobia of hairdressers, as I have had some awful cuts in the past which are absolutely nothing like what I asked for. So, I snip away at it myself, and it ends up looking a bit crap (as you can see in the before photo below!)

I'd not dyed my hair in a really long time and am enjoying being my natural colour, but my ends had somehow turned a bit lighter. I liked this and wanted it to be more noticeable, but still subtle. Too much to ask? 

I sat down with a glass of bubbly & some pretzels and stylist Josh got to work. 

He lightened my hair towards the ends, trimmed my (apparently very wonky) fringe and neatened up my ends. I like my hair blunt and pretty much all one length, and I will certainly not be attempting that myself in the future. 

After the best head massage I've ever had, and a lovely blow dry, I left the salon feeling so swishy and special. I felt truly pampered. 

If you're a new client to Rush Salons, you can get 50% off your booking here

I wish I'd taken more photos in the salon after my hair was all done, as the light was so much better, but here's a nice blurry selfie of when I got home!


My stylist Josh recommended certain hair serums (which I have forgotten the name of and I haven't purchased yet, obv) but I wanted to give this Vita Coco coconut oil* a try first.

I love the idea of using a natural product without any weird chemicals, and it is supposed to make your hair beautiful. You can use it as a conditioner, detangler, or to just de-frizz.

I warmed a little between my hands and smoothed it into my hair, making sure to get most of it on the ends, which are always more damaged and have now also been stripped of colour too. It did make my hair incredibly soft, the only problem is.... I hate the smell. I've used coconut scented shampoos so many times before and LOVE it, but I guess I just can't deal with the smell of real coconut. So I won't be using it again, despite how good it made my hair! 

My old faithful Moroccan Oil is back in use for now! 

I've been using this new T3 Featherweight white hairdryer* which is infinitely better than the rubbish one I was using before. Plus, it goes better with my room. I hate how appliances like this are so often black. Why? WHY??

My hair feels much softer and smoother after using it. A quick run through with my GHDs and I'm done! 

What do you think?! Do you have any tips for me for keeping my hair healthy?

It also looks nice when it's all wavy!

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  1. Ahh, your hair looks gorgeous. Kind of '60s - love the fringe!

    Rachel |

    1. The 60s is my favourite era, so I love that you said that! x

  2. I love your fringe! And the lighter ends are so pretty!

  3. So cute, I love your fringe! Wish I could pull that off!
    xx Alyssa

    1. I think everyone can suit a fringe - it just has to be the right style for you! x

  4. So lovely Lyzi, your new doo is fab x

  5. Your hair looks amazing! I really struggle with keeping mine looking healthy it is always frizzy and dry looking!! Anything that contains oil never washed out of my hair even if I shampoo it over and over I'll have oily hair for a few days which is a pain!


    1. Oh no! I've not heard of that before. I'm sure a hairdresser would be able to recommend something to keep your hair smooth and not oily or dry! :) x

  6. Your hair looks fabulous! I highlighted my hair months ago and it's gotten quite brassy, even blonde looking on some parts. I'm on the fence about what to do with my color.

    This winter my hair feels super dry so I bought a hair mask and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I've used one before and I'm not sure it did much but it does make one feel pampered. :]


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