Friday 6 March 2015

vintage curls tutorial with ghd.

Recently, I was sent some ghd IV straighteners to try out, and to show you how to create a style other than frizz-free, poker-straight hair. And guess what, it's really easy peasy. You just need a little extra time.

Before I jump right into it, let's just have a look at this pleasing packaging and sleek design. It's something that ghd have always been good at, and makes them a sought after styling tool. One of the most useful things about these hair straighteners (for someone like me, anyway) is that they automatically turn themselves off after 30minutes. So I never need to panic that I've left them on, ever again! 

Now then, the whole styling part... first up, you need to start with damp/towel-dried hair (thoughtful pose optional) •

• run volumising mousse through your hair and create a deep parting •

• roughly section your hair and blow dry •

• fluffy! •

• smooth a little hair oil through •

• section hair and curl under with the straighteners, pinning each curl as you go •

• leave the curls to cool fully - again, silly faces optional... •

• gradually unpin the curls, starting at the bottom and working up •

• gently tease the curls with your fingers, use a little product or bobby pins if needed •


And you're left with lovely big bouncy curls! This is definitely a style I'm going to do again, especially if it's a special occasion. I love that it makes my awkward-length hair look more intentional, and it'll just look better and better as it grows!

Also, if you suddenly feel like you need straight hair again, just section it out and slowly glide the ghds through your hair. I love how sleek it looks! No more frizz for me!

• vintage flowery top • lazy oaf cult leader tee •

♥ special thanks to Georgie for helping me think of style ideas for this post! ♥

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  1. Love this look so much and psh, the faces shouldn't be optional! ;) Now I just need some GHDS...hmmm...haha. xx

    Dee |

  2. Love GHDs, I use mine for everything, from straight to waves to full on curls :)

  3. Looks great. Love your floral vintage top too! x

  4. your top is so nice! +you look lovely, that style really suits you.

    Katie, xxx

  5. You look lovely! You suit both curls and straight hair, GHD's are just wonderful, aren't they?

    Hayley-Eszti |

  6. Love your hair =] your so pretty

  7. That first style is just so pretty, plus I'm absolutely loving your tee in the 2nd look x

  8. God, I fancy you so much.

  9. I am getting total Drew Barrymore vibes from you here- gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  10. What a lovely style! I'm always looking for hair inspiration as mine is so long and unkempt it's getting unmanageable v.v Also, what lovely tatoos you have! ♥

    Sarah xxo |

  11. Your hair is lovely! Also really love that floral top! xx

  12. Beautiful curls. Nice to see the classic ghds still getting exposure.

  13. Beautiful curls. Nice to see the classic ghds still getting exposure.

  14. This photos were so lovely. Definitely going to attempt the curls! xx

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  15. Looking gorgeous. And I LOVE your floral top. Such a fabulous print x

  16. Love your top, & love both looks! I'm hopeless at straightener curls. I think I'm hair dyslexic or something!

  17. That is such a pretty look on you Lyzi. I've yet to master curing my hair with straighteners – one day my time will come :) x

  18. Oh I love love love the vintage look. You look perfect - the hair, the top, the make up! Spot on :-)
    I feel ill be using this tutorial soon!
    Rosie x

  19. Waaah, you make this look so easy! I wish you could do mine for me, I'm useless with a pair of straightners. ;)

    Tara x

  20. Love this! I would love to give this ago, but I doubt it would work in my long hair - it's so heavy. Straight and sleek suits you just as much too :) Love the contrast!

    Hope you're well. Haven't seen/spoken to you in so long :( xx


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