Friday 23 October 2015


Ohhhhh my god writing this blog post is making me so hungry. Is it ok to eat a hotdog at 10am? Maybe don't read this if you're currently on a diet, having salad for tea, or you're patiently waiting for lunchtime to FINALLY arrive.

A little while back, we were invited down to TGI Friday's to try a few new bits and bobs on their menu! And it was gooooooooood.

Seeing as we were kindly given £50 towards our meal, it seemed silly not to start off with some absolutely gigantic cocktails. I had a classic mojito (but the other versions they do are seriously tasty too) and Nick had a long island iced tea.

To start we shared some double layered nachos - we really liked how each individual nacho had stuff on, so you didn't have to deal with those rubbish ones buried underneath with no cheese on - and Jack Daniels sesame mushroom strips. The mushroom part wasn't really anything special, but I really liked the sweet glaze that came with them.

For mains, Nick had a "Let's Play Ball" hot dog (I had a bite and it was yummmmmmy, but a bit too oniony for me - I really recommend their Mexi Dog though!!)

I had the Ultimate Jack Daniels Double Glazed Ribs - what a title! - which was massive and came with apple slaw and fries. I always wish that these kind of things came with more of the slaw/salad/veg, but maybe that's just me. 

The meat itself was really tasty, and had some really great crunchy end bits. It was so easy to pull apart, and there was so much of it. Needless to say I couldn't eat it all, and we certainly couldn't fit in any desserts!

Head over to the TGI Friday's website to find your nearest restaurant & check if they have any of the new items on their menu! 

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  1. TGIs have such amazing food. I took my sister there recently and it was so decadent.

    Rachel |

  2. Oh my goodness, this looks and sounds amazing. I couldn't help thinking the Jack Daniels sesame mushroom strips were dinosaur-shaped chicken dippers first of all - whoops!!

  3. Look at those delicious ribs! I'm drooling!

  4. Oh my! Everything looks incredible, especially those nachos, I do love a good nacho! x

  5. I haven't been to TGIF in ages, definitely gonna check it out again!!
    xx Alyssa

  6. I haven't been to TGIF in ages - I need to make a trip there agin soon!

  7. Ohh yummy! I haven't been there for ages but I'm craving one of their cocktails right now.

  8. You've really made me want a TGI's now!

  9. Okay. There's a 99% chance I'm drooling right now and it's just gone 10am...I'd love to go to one of these, but there are none near me :(

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…


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