Sunday 18 October 2015


Now that my skin is starting to actually calm the heck down, I'm more inclined to try out different products. I used to have skin that would break out in spots over the tiniest little change, but now - whether it's due to diet, my Clarisonic, or just being a little older - I can use different brands' cleansers and moisturiser without too much fear of that happening.

Despite my skin behaving a little better these days, I still make sure I use products which are suitable for sensitive skin. I've had reactions in the past that have left me with a red, itchy rash on my face, and I like to try to avoid that, funnily enough! 

All of sk:n clinic's cleansers, moisturisers and serums are meant to be fine for sensitive skin, so I gave four of them a go! Here's how I got on..


I used this along with my Clarisonic and thought it was lovely. It left my skin feeling soft, clean, and not dried out. I absolutely love that it has Evening Primrose Oil in it, as I know that it's amazing for skin!


To be honest, I don't get a lot of redness on my face, but as my skin tone is quite yellow any time I do get a bit red & blotchy, it really shows up. I found this was great when I had one of those sore spots underneath the skin which made the area all red, and also on my cheeks after being outside in the cold! 


I always think, "I'm waaay too young to be using anti-ageing creams!" but, at 27 this is probably a great time to start! I've only got a few very fine lines around my eyes (from smiling so much, probably!) and I don't mind them, but I don't want them to get any deeper yet! This is a lovely moisturising cream, and you only need a tiny bit. I'm sure it's made my dark circles less visible, and it's definitely made my concealer go on much smoother! 


This is the only product out of the four that I didn't really like. There are a couple of areas of my face which are more prone to spots than others, and when I applied this to those areas, I actually got more spots. Admittedly, I've only used it the once, and other factors could have been involved, but I'm a bit wary to test it again! 

It does contain salicylic acid, which is also in one of my other favourite cleansers and leaves my skin super clear - so I will test it again at a later date to give it a fairer trial!

• all of these items were sent to me for review, but the words & opinions are all my own! •

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  1. Ooh these look good! I'm a sucker for nice classy packaging though, it has to be said!
    I love products with Evening Primrose oil in, so may well have to check them out
    Abel x


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