Monday 16 March 2015

london retro - chelsea.

New season, new glasses!

After giving myself a nifty new hairstyle the other week, I thought I'd don my new specs and show them off to you all!

I've spoken about my love of London Retro glasses a couple of times before, and the affair is continuing.. these subtly cat-eyed frames are named after one of the prettiest boroughs of our capital, and I think they're deserving of that name. The delicate frames and the warm, speckled colour makes me feel very ladylike.

These glasses come from their new range, Retrospectiv (get it?!) - all the new frames are priced at £125, and you can always select the free home trial through Glasses Direct if you're not 100% sure the shape will suit your face! They've also now got a Boutique section on their new-look website, where you can find all your favourite brands and designer glasses. 

• London Retro Chelsea glasses *
• Lazy Oaf t-shirt

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  1. These glasses are lovely, they look great on you! Also I'm absolutely loving your top :) x

  2. Those glasses really suit you and your new hairstyle! Also love the t-shirt too, Lazy Oaf is such a cool brand H xx

  3. I just bought these in black a few weeks ago! I also got "Bakerloo" as my free pair :) xo

  4. They really suit you! And your new hairdo is gorgeous, you look gorgeous hun!


  5. So beautiful Lyzi,those glasses look amazing on you! Such a fab look x

  6. Nice! cute :)

  7. Adorable. These really suit you. I always spend way to long umming and ahhing over a multitude of different shapes and styles.. harrumph! xx

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  8. The specs look fab and I love your LO top. :)

  9. Lovely post =]

  10. These are so good on you!

    Maria xxx

  11. Hello, I love the glasses! You can check my latest post with interesting links here:

  12. Loving that T! The frames are perfect too! x

  13. These glasses look so fantastic on you! I'd love to find a pair in a similar shape since I'm looking to get new glasses soon.

    Jamie |


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