Monday 30 April 2012

my little bird.

Last Friday, I went down to my Mum's with my big brother and my little (nearly 5-month-old) niece Evelyn. I was very lucky in that I got to see her two days a row. That tiny little bird really does make everything in life seem alright. It's funny how someone can do that without having any awareness of it. Seeing my family just makes me feel so safe and full of love.

I love the photo of Evelyn above, being very busy with her toys. She quickly got bored of that though. Her mind is so quick, I'm sure she's going to be a very clever little creature. She was a little grizzly that afternoon, but I managed to get the most smiles out of her :) I think it was the bright colours I was wearing, and the silly noises I was making.

After lunch, we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. It felt like ages since we'd felt the warmth of the sun on our skin, and we walked around one of my most favourite places. We spent a lot of time here when we were kids. It was lovely to see all the new Spring leaves. 

The sun lasted all the way into the evening when I got home, which was lovely. It didn't stick around long though - the weekend was horribly wet. I hope May brings us some sunshine... sick of this miserable weather!


  1. These photos are lovely, some of them don't even look real, like they're something out of a film! Sounds like you had a lovely couple of days :) ~ox

  2. Evelyn is such a beautiful name xxx

  3. Oh, she's so cute! This looks and sounds so lovely.


  4. Your mom lives in such a beautiful place. How blue is that sea!? Really love how good you are at taking photos, all of you scenic ones are so amazingly beautiful. Your niece is soo cute! Evelyn is a lovely name x

  5. These pictures are beautiful! I hope this rain goes away soon too! xox

  6. This makes me miss the sea! This is so beautiful. Your niece is adorable! I would love to have a little niece or nephew but as my brother is seventeen it seems unlikely! Again, beautiful pictures.

  7. beaut beaut beaut, what a little doll! lush pictures, fingers crossed may will finally roll on summer xxxx

  8. Yay, little bird has certainly cheered you up, I am very glad of it xo

  9. what lovely pics... where is it your mum lives ? Im looking for a summer holiday and it looks BEAUTIFUL!!! :) xx

  10. Evelyn is gorgeous! I love how kids are so easily pleased, pulling faces is my boyfriend's kids' favourite :)
    Love that last photo, it's stunning!!


  11. These are beautiful photos, I can't wait to be back in the UK for summer it always looks so gorgeous especially the coast.

  12. This place looks so beautiful! I hope you don't mind me asking - where is this?


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