Tuesday 24 April 2012

the colour conundrum.

This is a guest post from Megan, a writer and relentless optimist, currently cavorting in New York City but based in beautiful Bristol in the South-West of England. She writes about living with imagination, intent and individual style at Charade.

Colour No.1

For many of you, tips on wearing colour will seem sort of stupid. Colour is part of your day to day clothing language. That red bow in your hair. The bright blue tote. The neon pink sandals.

For some, however, I’d wager that wearing colour is a different matter all together – a gargantuan, anxiety-inducing prospect that breaks you into a cold sweat. Wearing colour is too ‘notice me!’ for you to be comfortable with; and even in the warmer spring and summer days you find yourself swaddled in greys and blacks and browns.

You convince yourself this is ‘classic’. That you pull it off. And I’m sure it is and I’m sure you do. I’ve been there, girl. I’ve been called the ‘Princess of Beige’. And despite numerous protestations from my mother that such a palette washes me out, I still find myself wandering H&M with an armful of greys, creams and caramels convincing myself that it’s just my ‘look’.

But let me let you in on a secret: wearing colour is fun. Just look at Bri Emery []. And it doesn’t have to be the challenge you think it is. Here is a little colour-spiration to throw into your clothing cocktail. And, as the days get warmer, why not let your wardrobe warm up to match?

Start small.
Colourful socks, a hair pin, a ring, block colour tights or a cardigan are all good ways to slip a little colour into your life. Make a Polyvore set like the one above for inspiration! When you’re feeling braver you can combine a few items together.

Colour No.2

Start simple.
With a bright bag you don’t have to jump head first into colour as you can pair it seamlessly with your existing wardrobe of neutrals. And it might just be the motif that is colourful like this heart tote. A ‘pop’ of colour can be just as eye-catching as a full ensemble.

Colour No.3

Settle on one key element of colour.
Whilst shopping recently I saw a girl in a very close copy of this outfit and I was enamoured. I don’t actually wear a great deal of black but the way she had paired it with the bright yellow Doc Martins made a really strong aesthetic statement – somehow stronger than if she’d been wearing head-to-toe colour. (I added the broach for fun!)

Colour No.4

Practice with pastels!
If you’re a beige beauty then experiment with pastels. Peach is only a hop, skip and jump from beige, and is colourful without being ‘in your face’ bright. When you’re feeling braver I think it makes an interesting colour-combo with minty green.

If you’re finding it impossible to figure out which colours work for you, go shopping with a friend and give up the reigns to them. Tell them you want some colour in your life and commit to buying at least one thing they pick for you – and try on everything, even if you aren’t sure at first. Be brave, we’re rooting for you to add a little more colour to the world!

So, friends, is colour an everyday commitment for you or an awkward topic? Have you overcome a colour-phobia? Do you want to? Let us know and share your tips!  

Thanks Megan! 


  1. I'm one of those people who goes overboard! People must think I model myself on Will Smith from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air years!
    That being said, I either tend to wear all colour or all black and grey. I've started trying to wear coloured headscarves to have a pop of colour so I will definitely think more about little accessories more. Great post! x

  2. I tend to wear black alot with one bright colour so I love the look with the dr Martens. I have a gold pair that I like to wear with black. :] xxx

  3. i'm definitely more colour than neutral - i love the shorts outfit, i have a similar pair and having only recently got into the 'shorts thing' i am liking the possibilities they seem to bring.
    i love the tweet brooch too :)

  4. Great post! And I seriously want all of these things!

    I've always worn really bright colours and clashing prints and never even thought twice about it. For the last year and a half however I have been working in a ladies clothes shop...the sort of shop where we have to be really hands on with styling advice and outfit suggestions. Most of the time the suggestions I'd make would not go down well at all! Most of the women are a bit older (30's-50's) and many of them are terrified of colours. The worst things is when they've been to have their 'colours read' and come in with little swatch cards of the exact shades they're allowed to wear. Eurgh! For me, clothes have to be bright, fun and silly to make me feel happy :o)

  5. with color, just wear what feels right :) i love all the outfits youve put together!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  6. Ooh great post, I'm going to get practicing with pastels!

    I generally tend to match colour with my beloved black, habit :) xx

  7. I always make colorful looks on polyvore, but I always wear black! These are some great and colorful choices. I love everything

  8. I love everything on this post especially the cute eat cake for breakfast purse :)
    Holly xxx

  9. I need to show this to my sister shes not a colour person at all! I wouldn't say I am but I actually would be when I consider my wardrobe! My Mother on the other hand, god she can be like a rainbow at times!


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