Sunday 1 April 2012


This is a catch-up post of sorts, as I had a little splurge of blog posts, and then a bit of a lull as I had some busy days... this is what's been going on in my life lately: 

• My life-long friend Will has come to stay for a while, before he goes off on another yachting job. It's nice having someone around the flat, especially someone I've known my entire life. It's always fun and easy with Will. 

• I know everyone has been going on about it, but the bloody weather has been amazing over the past week! It's cooled off a bit now, but I enjoyed getting my bare legs out for the first time this year! 

• On Thursday, I travelled up to London to attend the Motel Rocks SS12 event. It was a great evening, so lovely to catch up with people, and to meet some new faces (especially pleased about meeting Gem, Michelle, Sophie, Steff, Charlene, amongst many others!) Check out lovely Kim's blog post on the evening! 

• I bought some trousers from Miss Selfridge (their new store on Oxford Street!) and wore them all evening at the Motel event, but when I put them on the next day, a big hole appeared in the thigh! I'm pretty sure this means they're faulty, not that I have fat thighs, as I wore them for hours and hours without a problem... the thing is, I've lost my receipt. Does anyone know if this will be a problem, especially if I'm returning them to a different store?? HELP! 

 • Had a lovely weekend filled with seeing my favourite tiny bird (my niece, Evie) and other close family, eating loads with Will, watching crap Saturday night telly, and helping one of my best friends, Charli, dress up her step daughter for her 8th birthday party! I now want to crimp my hair and wear glitter. 

 • I've got exciting things coming up this week, including something for YOU guys, birthday present buying for my best friend and my boyfriend, and some Easter fun! 

 • FINALLY, please take a little look over to the right of your screen, where you will see my new ad section! Under the title "Check these out:" you'll see a few lovely little ads. If you'd like your ad to join them next month, go here!


  1. Ow I remember crimping my hair and wearing body glitter and glitter babes nail varnish haha- the easy days right? Head on over to my blog for you chance to win some gorgeous jewellery pieces in my April Giveaway~ ox

  2. If the trousers are faulty you should be able to get your money back without receipt, and most products now have an individual code on the label that says when they were purchased :)

  3. Yep you definitely should be able to get a refund, or an exchange at least. I took trousers back to Topshop that had a hole in and didn't have the receipt and got an exchange no probs!! xx

  4. nice update :)
    i was missing your posts.

  5. Sounds like you had a good week (apart from the faulty trousers) which is good, you deserve it darling!

    Pip x

  6. yay hello again! it is always fun when people are staying with you!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. Aw thank you for the little mention :) Was lovely to see you! Must not leave it so long next time xxx

  8. I work for Arcadia...if they are faulty you can indeed get a refund (though they might try and pressure you into an exchange) without a receipt. If they really complain then get them to phone Oxford Street and find out the receipt's the best way of showing you're prepared to 'fight' to get your money back without being mean to any staff :)

  9. I worked in a clothes shop and what normally happens if you don't have a reciept is that you get store credit to buy something else of the same value. Like a gift card kid of thing. Hope that helps xxx

  10. If the product you bought isn't satisfactory then you can easily take it back without the receipt, its more about the product being clearly faulty by law than you having evidence of your buying it... if needs be get a hold of your bank statement if you paid by card and take that as evidence xo


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