Saturday 10 September 2011

why you should invest in vintage clothing this autumn.

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You probably already know that I'm big on vintage and charity shops. I think it's really important to buy second hand. Emma from ASOS market place has shared some reasons why you should buy more vintage...

Autumn is fast approaching, and as this season's trends hit the stores, people are already scrambling round to find the new “this season's must have”. In this mad dash to be fashionable, are we forgetting something? Vintage clothing is often overlooked by shoppers, but why? There are many fantastic reasons to select vintage clothing and here are just a few.

Clothing trends are recycled throughout the years, as we constantly see trends from previous decades appearing on the catwalk. So why do we feel the need to visit our high street stores to get that 70s look, when we could visit a vintage store and actually get an item of clothing from the 70s? Modern clothing trends dominate the market and we often forget to visit vintage boutiques and charity stores to find our retro clothing. So next time you’re thinking of buying clothing from previous decades, get down to your vintage stores and see what they have to offer before you try the high street. You may be surprised once you start looking just how many things you want to buy.

Vintage clothing can often be a steal compared to the prices of modern clothing, especially when thrifted from charity stores. So next time you’re shopping, don’t overlook your vintage stores because they don’t appeal to your sense of style. Have a look, you may be surprised at what you find and at how cheap the clothing is.

Vintage clothing is becoming more popular as the years go by, causing rare items to increase in price. So invest now and in a few years time that top that you bought for a mere £10 may double or even triple in price.

How often do you see a girl walking down the street in the same item of clothing as you? When you buy vintage clothing, you can rest assured that you are not going to see it at every turn. You won’t enter into that awkward situation where you bump into one of your friends in a club with the exact same dress on. You can rest assured that your chosen dress will be virtually unique and not like other styles you see around. It is comforting to know that you are buying something that is rare, special and distinctive.

We constantly strive to be fashionable, following the crowd to fit in, discarding clothing when it no longer fits in with what’s on trend. Instead, should we be heading in a different direction? We should not be thinking about how fashionable we are, but instead of how stylish we are. Style is all about your personal preferences and what makes you individual from the fashion robots. Vintage clothing could be vital in providing you with that key piece to make you unique. So if you tend to err on the side of trendiness, you could be missing out on some incredible looks by overlooking your vintage stores. By selecting vintage clothing, you can easily achieve a look that is totally unique and effortlessly stylish. Just because a dress doesn't mesh with all of today's hottest trends, doesn't mean that it is not worthy of your consideration. In fact, it could give you the edge that you need to truly shine.

When you buy your new seasons must-have, you wear it to the point where it starts to fall apart, and you then become devastated when you can’t find a piece of clothing just like it to replace it. Modern clothing tends to fade and fall apart at the seams in no time, but vintage pieces are prized for boasting exceptional quality. Vintage clothing is durable and well made, as they have lasted many seasons yet and they still manage to remain intact. Therefore, make an investment that is sure to last and buy a piece of vintage clothing.

In this day and age, everyone needs to do their part to help save the planet. Consumerism has driven us into throw away fashion. We simply buy new clothing that fits in with this seasons look, and once that is over it simply goes in the bin. Think back to your wardrobe and how many clothes you have wasted and thrown away when you simply don’t like them anymore or no longer find them fashionable. When you buy vintage clothing, you keep one more thing out of the landfill. You are giving a unique item of clothing another chance to shine, and you get to look fabulous while doing so.


  1. Lovely post =]
    Woohoo vintage =]

    Lee x

  2. I totally agree. I love buying second hand be it from charity shops or ebay. It's a good way of recycling and one mans rubbish is definitely another mans gold xx

  3. Perfect post here! Vintage and charity shops are definitely the best xxx

  4. Love this so much :) I'm glad that more people are seeing the benefits of wearing vintage!

  5. I agree, It's great finding a lovely one off item, and nice to see people wearing something different rather than all being in the same stuff! x

  6. great post! I love vintage shopping but nothing ever fits me :(
    I found a gorgeous aran knit cardigan and its so chunky and oversized I love it for winter!
    that is the only luck that I have had with vintage shopping.

  7. 2 hand is the way to go. P.S I MISS YOU x

  8. Ah I love this post!
    I've been so lazy about finding good vintage clothes recently, but I'm definitely going to be spending a lot more time in my local charity shops again :) x

  9. vintage def makes you unique and it is fun to re wear old styles! everything comes back ;)
    <3 steffy

  10. ahhhh, love this! you are such a good person. :)

    love, rach.

  11. Great post, I'm a big vintage fan for all these reasons! x

  12. Awesome post :)
    Although I would hate to think people actually throw clothes in the bin - donate to charity please!!
    I love having a good rummage though, that's the best part.

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  14. I totally agree. Lovely post :)
    Jess @ roamkix


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