Friday 9 September 2011


Hello, I'm Bee. I'm a self-confessed clutz that lives, beside the seaside, in the South West of England. I'm usually found watching marathons of television shows, eating my body weight in food and perusing aisles of boot sales. My blog, Vivatramp, showcases my life lists, things that make me happy and snaps from my adventures. Oh, and I'm also gay for Lyzi!

I'm massively jealous right now because I know that Lyzi's probably merrily dancing around a field to the sweet sounds of The Cure! Before she swanned off, Lyzi kindly asked me if I'd like to help hold the fort over here at Being Little. Not quite the free fest ticket I was hoping for but hey! I thought I'd bring a little bit of Vivatramp with me and give you a peek into my scrapbook of lists! My scrapbook is full of little doodles and messy little notes but I think that's what gives it its charm. Or maybe that's just me trying to make excuses for its pre-schooler-gets-let-loose-with-a-pot-of-crayons appearance?

Most people just write lists for things to buy at the supermarket or for things they should really be doing instead of flicking through page after page of Tumblr. However, I take that further, thanks to my horrendous addiction to lists, and have a whole host of them jotted down in case I should ever need to know such things about myself. I think they're an inventive way of documenting what you're like at certain stages of your life so I'd definitely recommend them to the diary-phobics amongst us. If you've got any ideas for lists I could write please leave them in a comment! I'm always scouring the net for new ideas. Mega thanks to L-bomb for letting me take up her little space of the internet. Enjoy!


  1. I love lists too. Your list is awesome and I am also a massive fan of River Cottage :)

    I'll have to listen some of 'the Cure'.

    I have started to follow your blog Bee. And it is nice to meet you.

  2. Pub with cider and good food...perfect! xx

  3. I like your blog, love your pictures. And I like this post, just checked out her blog :)

  4. I am also like this! I have a massive obsession with notebooks and making lists of like, everything I can think of and I love using highlighters, paints, crayons. It makes my life that little more creative :)

    Following your blog too :) xxx

  5. Hello Bee!

    ahh, I am a massive list maker too.... I have so many books containing lists its unreal! It's good to look back on them too! x

  6. Oh, The Cure! They make me cry a little bit!

    I love lists, which is good as my life seems to grind to a halt without them!

  7. great post! :) I also love lists! :) xxx

  8. I make far too many lists, but mine never look half as pretty as yours!

  9. I looove making lists! xxx

  10. I am also a bit of a list maker, I can't help it, I love it!
    Have you tried Listography? I love that website, lets me channel my list making love in a normal outlet :')
    Sirens and Bells

  11. LOVE this post!
    I am also a list maker, though I get told off for it by my other half! xo

  12. I'm a fellow list maker, it's addictive, I find myself staying up to ridiculous times of the night writing away...Ok, probably made myself sound slightly scary there but hey ho, it's true (: x

  13. Such a cuuuute pic!! I love it, beautiful eyes!

    And I really like your blog...wanna follow each other?;)



  14. I make lists about everything! I love them xx

  15. I make lists about everything! I love them xx

  16. I love lists, but I always lose them. I feel happy whilst I'm making them though :)

  17. You had me at #2... my favourite band is also The Cure! <3
    I was so excited when I went to see them in Sydney earlier this year! :)


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