Tuesday 20 September 2011

I've got my mind made up.

I feel a bit silly barely posting on my blog for a week and a half, and then posting 3 times in about 24 hours... ANYWAY who really cares.

Last night I went to Dartington Hall to see Metronomy with my Mum, brother and very pregnant sister-in-law. I saw lots of people I knew there AND there were benches at the side so I got to sit down for the whole thing, which is great if you're recovering from tonsillitis and are really short (it meant I could actually SEE what was going on! Very rare for me at gigs!)

My friends' band, Oxbow Lakes supported, and as usual, they were incredible. I find it really hard to describe their sound, but I'll use the words hypnotising and intense. Mum said it reminded her of underground 1960s music. Whatever they are, I love them. I'm sad they're all moving away to London and Brighton as I'll hardly get to see them anymore, but I hope that it'll be a good move for them all.

Between bands I took a couple of snaps of the hall we were in. It's a beautiful old building with really high ceilings. The sound got a bit lost up there I think. Apparently it's haunted too. Typical.

Metronomy did not disappoint. The singer seemed sweet and humble with his little thumbs up, the drummer was beautiful with her ginger hair and made drumming look so easy, the bassist looked like he was made of rubber and should be in Yo Gabba Gabba, and the tiny keyboard player looked like he had wheels on the bottoms of his shoes that kept giving him little electic shocks. I'm not entirely sure what I mean by these things, but they're all true.

They were also wearing these lights on their shirts, which are somehow programmed to go on and off in certain parts of the songs. They always do this apparently. Shows how much I know. I tried to take a photo of it (the red one) but it didn't come out very well... Anyway I liked it, it looked like they had moon hearts.

Bloody good night, an awesome start to what's definitely going to be a good week. It got even better when I found out I'd been shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards! Sorry to go on about it, but please please vote for me!

I'll leave you with my favourite song from Metronomy's old album, Nights Out...


  1. Sounds like you had a fab time at the concert. The hall looks gorgeous xx

  2. Wow I could not be more jealous right now! They are one of my best bands this year! Great photos.

  3. Jealous!! In true stalker style, I've already voted ;)

  4. They are brilliant , that video is amazing ! xx

  5. aww i love metronomy & their flashing lights! i saw them a few years ago supporting foals & they definitely stole the show xx

  6. Oh wow this looks like fun, bet it was nice to go out after being ill! Also congrats on cosmo, obv voted for you already :)

    L x

  7. absolutely love metronomy! it's rare finding anyone thats heard of them where i'm from haha!

  8. I love metronomy! I really wanted to see them in Liverpool but it's sold out, absolutely gutted :(

  9. Fucking love Metronomy, seen them twice this summer and both times were totally ace. I adore Oscar (keys)'s dancing and Nights Out is totally the best dance album I've heard

  10. Ooh and that's an amazing venue

  11. You're lucky! I'm jealous! ;-P I love this group so so much!


  12. I am absolutely obsessed with Metronomy at the moment, am so jealous you got to see them! x


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