Thursday 29 September 2011

boudoir privé.

Last week, I posted about the GlossyBox that I received. While I was away, my September Boudoir Privé box arrived, and I've been keen to compare the two. I'm sick again (some kind of fluey thing/maybe I didn't get rid of my tonsillitis) so I thought this would be a good time to review it, as I'm not feeling up to doing much else!!

The first thing that struck me was how similar the boxes are packaged. Same colours, size, padding.. Something I really preferred about the Boudoir Privé box though, is this little booklet you get.

I've been using this on my dry hands, and it's really helped. It's got rid of my dead skin, and the smell is lovely - very lemony. We're having the girls over on Friday and I might offer to use this on them and then do some fun nail art!

Unlike the perfume in the GlossyBox, I LOVE this perfume. It's sweet and deep, but not overpowering. I wish I could afford to get a full size bottle :(

Now that I've chopped the ends of my hair off (I really should share a photo of that..) I am not so in need of any hair repair. However, I still suffer with frizz. This stuff is quite nice, it's very oily though so you have to be careful how much you apply and how much you use. The hair product in my GlossyBox suited my hair much better.

I love this shimmery red nailvarnish! It goes on really well, with 2 coats it looks perfect. It's much more than I'd like to spend on nailvarnish though (£9.98!) I also like that they include that thingy (technical term) so you can see all the colours.

I'm a bit scared to use this. I'm not a very tanned person, so I'm worried that this could be too dark for me and make me look dirty!

I love the colour of this eyeliner - a really deep purple with a bit of sparkle. I usually only use plain black or brown eyeliner, so this makes a nice change. I really like this, and £13 for a set of five isn't bad!

This cream feels really nice when you apply it. I'm not sure if it's reduced my dark circles, as mine get worse when I'm ill, but it definitely makes my eyes feel nice!

I really enjoyed my Boudoir Privé beauty box, but as with the GlossyBox, it's very hit and miss, and I cannot afford to buy a box full of products I may not like. I think out of the two boxes, this one had more products that I like and would use. Thanks Boudoir Privé :)


  1. Hi Lyzi! Thank you for your review of our September Beauty Box. We are really proud of all our Beauty Boxes and we are happy that you love them too! A short and sweet blog post!

  2. I've seen so many reviews of these boxes lately! I wish I could afford them because it would be a nice little treat to look forward to, but I don't have enough disposable income haha!

    This was a great review, I like the idea of the hair oil :) I hope you feel better soon Lyzi!


  3. Hope you're feeling better soon! I love little perfume samples, and it is good how they've included that thing ( I don't know the proper term for it!) so that you can see the various shades of nail varnish. x

  4. Mine is still sat at the sorting office so this is a nice preview of what I'm going to get. The thing I like about BP over Glossybox is that everyone gets the same things - I get slightly frustrated seeing reviews go up about Glossyboxes and then having something turn up that (I perceive) is not as good! However, out of the two I think Glossybox slightly have the edge as they often send full size products but as they are offering a sample service you can't really complain! I am also subscribed to Feel Unique boxes and am getting my first one next month so I'm going to make a decision on which to stay subscribed to then...

  5. The hairdressers I go to always use that hair oil when I leave, I love the smell of it and for just putting lightly on the ends of hair it does the trick at keeping it looking nice but agree too much and you could look like an oil slick!

  6. The box looks gorgeous, wish I could afford one- as just looking at it makes you feel good! Hope you visit back :)


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