Friday 27 June 2014

the evolution of festival fashion.

For me, "festival fashion" is generally what I'd normally wear, with a bunch of glitter and maybe a fun hair accessory, as you can tell if you take a look at my previous posts about Bestival and Isle of Wight Festival. I have to admit that I'm a sucker for practical clothing at festivals, as long as it has a fun edge to it.

I've teamed up with New Look to show you how festival fashion has evolved over the years, and to give you my spin on some appropriate outfits.

First things first: have a look at this fun timeline! Click through to see all the different trends.

Festival Fashion Timeline by New Look

My first outfit is a super cute look, with light and summery colours. Probably the most on-trend look of the three, but still super comfy and easy. The bag is from Primark & has a zip, which is essential to make sure nothing falls out/no one can reach in to pinch your things!

• New Look flower crown +
• ASOS smock dress
• Primark belt & bag
• New Look sandals +

Next is a more grungey look, something to wear on a rainy day - which is pretty likely at a British festival - or in the evening when it starts to get chilly. Yes, I've included a bobble hat. If you've ever been to a festival, you'll know how cold it can get at night, even in the middle of summer! Boots of some kind are always a good idea too, whether they be wellies or Dr Martens!

• Zara bobble hat
• New Look knitted kimono +
• New Look leather-look backpack +
• New Look crop top +
• American Apparel jeans
• Dr Martens boots

And finally, my take on a bohemian outfit - complete with oversized flowers and lots of glitter! I always take this big daisy to festivals, as well as numerous pots of glitter. This dress has beads and sequins on it that you can't quite make out in these photos, but I've accentuated their rose-gold colour with my sandals and a watch. Always, always wear a watch to a festival!

• Primark daisy
• New Look dress +
• Next watch +
• Zara sandals

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  1. Oooh I love that boho look!
    xo Emma | |

  2. I love all these but I think numbers 1 and 2 are most my style. I never quite manage to pull of the boho look :( Pretty dresses or comfy jeans for me tah!

    Loving the gold glitter eye though. I've always got time for glitter! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  3. those white sandals are absolutely perfect <3

  4. You're the cutie-est. Love these outfits, especially the top one! I'm always wondering where it would be most appropriate to wear a flower crown. I think a festival fits it. ^-^

  5. You always look so wonderful Lyzi, both the dresses are just gorgeous x

  6. I want all these outfits! Perfection:) x

  7. this post is perfect! My favourite is the first look - I love the chunky white sandals and the flower crown! xx

  8. Love these looks! Number two is something I'd wear on a daily basis. I actually just went to a festival over the weekend. So many flower crowns and crop tops!

  9. I love all three outfits,especially the first one,its so lovely! xx

  10. Ooooh I can't pick a favourite love! But I am a sucker for DMs :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  11. I''m all for practical looks when it comes to the festival. A zippered bag is an essential, mostly so I don't lose my bits.

  12. Loving these looks! so cute! :) LOVE the first one though!
    Anna xx

  13. I really like all of these outfits! Your glittery makeup in the last look is wonderful and I enjoy how it matches your shoes. I'm really liking the striped off-the-shoulder top in the second look and the gingham dress in the first outfit is adorable.

  14. Wow you are a beauty, I love these looks and your glittery make up :) xx

  15. Can you come with me to Glasto next year and be my personal stylist please? Most of this year I was walking around looking like poop haha

    I love all three! I think the second is my fave though, I am super jealous of those awesome inky blue DMs...

  16. So cute!


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