Sunday 6 January 2013

a couple of things.

I'm home in Bristol. I have been since Thursday, but before I had a chance to unpack, I was struck with a lurgy. So the past couple of days have consisted of a lot of tea, making myself magical cures (orange/ginger/honey, chicken noodle soup, not even a hint of lime eye...) watching nature programmes, chatting to lovely people AND getting a couple of internetty things done..

First up, you've probably noticed that little old Being Little looks quite different. I hadn't updated the design of this blog for quite some time, and I didn't feel like it was very "me" anymore. I've gone for something more muted in colour, and all painterly. I like it quite a lot and I hope you do too!

Secondly, I've FINALLY got around to compiling all my art in one internetplace. Everything from the work I did at college in 2007, things I've written, and recent photographs and scribbles are there, and I'll try to update it as often as I can. It's a tumblr site too, which means if you follow it you can be notified when I've added something new! Fun!

I found it interesting looking at how I've changed from a messy, experimental teenager, to how I am now. I hope you enjoy having a little look. It's all pretty personal and I always worry about showing people, because in a way if they don't like it, they don't like me. However, a new friend has given me the confidence to share it, so.. have a look. And be nice.

And this is me in my current state... messy hair, chapped lips, pyjamas. Fit.


  1. I love the new desing, it looks very nice. I have to say we are in similar state right now hahhaah. Have a nice day :)x

  2. Loving your new blog look and I do hope you feel better soon <3

  3. Your blog looks great! :) Really like it x

  4. I really like the photos! And the new design is great, too :)

    Regards from Iceland

  5. I love your new design, it is very mature but still you! I am looking forward to having a look at all your artwork. My photography portfolio layout is very similar and also on tumblr. (tumblr/portfolio)

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I am just leaving Bristol and going back to Brighton but I am sure you will find some fun things to do once you are better.

    Cannot wait to see what you get up to next,

    Lots of love

    Charlotte xxx (blog)

  6. I really love your new design Lyzi!
    Also, I love the kitty tattoo! SO cute :) Feel better soon lovely.

    Jesss xo

  7. Really like the new layout! It looks great! xxx

  8. Love the new look :) Pleeeease can you come up to Cheltenham soon xx

  9. Such a lovely design!
    Hope you start to feel better soon!

    - Keeley

  10. The new design is gorgeous- love it! :) Hope you feel better soon lovely!

  11. I hope you feel better chicken, blog looks lovely!! xx

  12. I can see the change in your art but I still love the 'texture' in your older work. You have such a lovely soft style :) xx

  13. Love the new layout and design. Going to check outyour artwork now xx

  14. This might sound a bit stalker-y but I used to follow you on deviantart back in the day, and that is how I found your current blog! So you really shouldn't be afraid to showcase all your art because I think it's amazing and really inspiring :) xx

  15. Love the new look and really enjoying going through your tumblr, look forward to more being posted there :) I never comment on your blog enough, yet yours is one of the few I always have to read first! Rebecca xx

  16. Lovely blog :) And cute illustrations!
    Vicki xx

  17. your blog looks amazing :) poor pickle get better soon lovely xxxx

  18. Really love your blog.

    your artwork is really good I adore your jelly fish illustration .

    feel better soon


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