Wednesday 19 December 2012

Hello! Sorry I've been absent for a while - things got a bit hectic with preparations for the #SWBXmas party (which went really well, by the way! I'll post a round up soon!) we also had a lovely Christmas dinner in our household at the weekend, before we all go back to our family homes! 

Since then I've been absolutely exhausted and had to cancel most of my plans :( I'm also going back to Devon a day early, as I just can't wait any longer! I want to be looked after and cuddle the cats! 

So I'm training home for Christmas today. If you see me struggling with my giant suitcase and big bag of presents, please give me a helping hand!



  1. I was back home last weekend for a mini Christmas, it was so nice!


  2. Hope you're journey goes well, I always get exhausted this time of year and come home early! Looking forward to seeing the bloggers party pics :) ox

  3. I had to travel to Birmingham the other week and not ONE gent offered to help me! I was clearly struggling aha. I hope this doesn't happen to you :)
    Yayyy home!

    Rosie x

  4. i hope you have the most amazing time at home this christmas lyzi looooo!xxx

  5. So Merry Christmas Lyzi <3
    And If you want please visit me too :)


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