Wednesday 5 December 2012

christmas fayres.

I was hoping/planning to do a few more outfit posts this week, as well as some DIYs and makes... however, I've come down with some horrible illness (it's like tonsillitis, except I don't have tonsils anymore) rendering me useless for a few days. I battled through last night to enjoy a lovely dinner with my dad & Judith, and an AMAZING Willy Mason gig, but now all I can do is lie in bed and try to get better...

But I can share with you a lovely day I had last weekend! On the first of December, Bristol went MENTAL with Christmas fayres. I'm sure there were more, but I managed to go to six! As you can imagine I was exhausted by the end of the day...!

The first two I went to were in local churches. Wonderful Sophie from Crown&Glory was at the Lovely fair (which as you can imagine was full of handmade loveliness) and my housemates had a stall down the road at St Aldhelms, which had more of a raffle vibe.. still, I bought a book for 20p!

I then walked into town as I'd heard about a vintage market, and I was not disappointed! There were a few stalls in the sunshine on the harbour side, and the rest were in the spiegeltent (which is a really fun word to say) I was being very good and trying not to spend any money. I bought some delicious lunch and watched the entertainment for a while. It's also on on the 8th if you want to check it out!

As I was leaving, I bumped into my friend who told me about three more fayres/markets, and they were all quite nearby so I had a look at those too! A record fair at Colston Hall, a few little stalls in the museum, and - probably my favourite - Christmas Steps!

It was such a lovely day, and really got me feeling festive!

Have you been to any Christmas fayres yet?

I really really regret not buying this record, purely for the amazing cover! When I saw it I thought, "that is how I wish to be."


  1. These fairs look amazing and full of such wonderful things! :) Need to get to Bristol sometime I think. Especially love your jumper and the tea cups etc :)
    Been to a German Market which was lovely! Can't wait for Christmas, I hope you have a lovely one :) xxx

  2. such a great way to spend a day!!!
    i'd love to have something like that where i live atm :)

  3. It looks like you had so much fun! Sadly there isn't anything like this where I live :( x

  4. oh my, this place is to die for *.*

  5. Eeep, this looks like so much fun! I adore the China bits and bobs in the basket and all the yummy foods :) x

  6. Sounds like THE most perfect day! Everything looks lovely too! xxx

  7. Awwww I wanna visit Bristol so bad now. What a wonderful day out. Such lovely photos. I want to visit the Christmas Steps. Did you pick up that freebie picture? I hope you did. You should have bought that record, for only £2.99 tut, tut, put your head down in shame. lol

  8. Wow what a lovely day out! I love christmas fairs, I just had my very first stall at one in Derby a couple of weeks ago! They are so much fun! Hope your non-tonsilitis gets better soon! xx Rachel

  9. Really laughed at the Santa bikers!!

  10. you look like the girl on the album cover!! ^_^ I love christmas fayres and markets. Nothing makes me more festive and jolly!!!


  11. Hi after reading your blog last week I popped along to the Vintage Magpies and I fair on Saturday, had a great time thanks for the recommendation! (I've just realised I have took an almost identical picture to yours (bargin basement suitcase) and put it on my post by complete coincidence!



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