Tuesday 4 December 2012

gloucester road // fox + feather.

Last week, I finally made it up to the Fox+Feather shop, after they tweeted me recently. I was supposed to go up for their open evening thingy, but couldn't make it. They very kindly saved me a goodie bag, and said to pop up any time! Gloucester Road is quite a walk from my house, but it was a sunny day, and I decided to make a whole afternoon of it.

If you're not familiar with Bristol, you won't know that this area is full of art. Everywhere you look, there's something awesome to see! Graffiti, brightly painted buildings, interesting shops... it's definitely worth a visit.

The Fox+Feather shop was so so cute! The windows were beautifully done, and the displays inside were so pleasing to the eye - there's clearly a lot of attention to detail! So many pretty things, I could've spent a lot of time and money in there! Unfortunately I currently don't have much of either..

You can also shop online, if you don't live in/near Bristol!

The sun was starting to go down as I left, so I trotted back down into the city centre, admiring all the graffiti I missed on the way up! 

I had a few minutes to myself, so I rummaged in the ridiculously generous goodie bag, and immediately put this scarf on my head! I love it, and it kept my ears nice and warm :) then I had a meeting about our Christmas Tea Party! Any meeting that involves a hot chocolate and cookies & cream cupcakes at The Birdcage is a meeting I want to be involved in! 

Such a good day! I walked home completely on a high!


  1. This post makes me wish I still lived on this road. Such cute shops/tea rooms and amazing art work.

    Will need to do some more christmas shopping there!

    That purple bag is so gorgeous, you should get it!

    becca x x x

  2. This looks like such a gorgeous shop, and bristol looks like an amazing place! xx

  3. My boyfriend lives near Gloucester Road but I've never properly explored there, definitely need to next time I'm in Bristol! xx

  4. the colours are amazing! bristol is such a cool city...

  5. The Gloucester Road/Stokes Croft area is probably my favourite in Bristol - beautiful pics!

    My friend Alice is the girl behind Cutie Cools nails - you should definitely get your nails done by her they're fab!

    Liv x

    ps the shop in one of your pics, Cox & Baloney, kindly lent some clothes to a fashion show I was involved with - check out my blog for some pictures!

  6. What a beautiful post- I've never been to Bristol, only ventured as far as Bath but your pictures have seriously tempted me. The Fox + Feather looks like a super cute shop.

  7. Everything looks amazing! Seems like you had a fab day! xxx

  8. What a wonderful shop! I love finding new online boutiques to browse as well, so thanks for the link - love all the stuffs! They have such a great selection of qirky whimsical fashion and accessories! x


  10. how amazing is that store?!
    those items are amazing...especially the undies haha.

  11. What a lovely shop! Do you happen to know what brand the shoes are from, cause I can't find them on the site?
    They look like Clarks..

  12. Looks like an amazing day. x

  13. Aww I live on this street! it's such a great place to live! x

  14. I will deffo have to check this shop out! So many nice things, great photos too x

  15. Really inspiring post. I need those nails, by the way! Wish we had a place like that here. XOOX your newest follower

  16. Gorgeous pics! Love the strawberry knickers!!

  17. I've just stumbled across your blog and, scrolling down and already thinking "I love it!" I saw the photos of Gloucester Road and now I'm even more enamoured with it - I live here! I'm pretty new to Bristol and excited to see another (and much more well-established than myself) blogger in this beautiful city!



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