Wednesday 31 October 2012

all hallow's eve.

Today wasn't a particularly scary day - I went up to London and hung out with Ella, and went to a Next press day. I'll share more about that with you another day, and show you what I wore (and maybe even some ridiculous out-takes..)

I just wanted to quickly show you my BEAUTIFUL pumpkins, in case you hadn't seen them on instagram (@littlelyzi) I didn't carve any pumpkins this year, but decided to buy some which were already fun to look at. 

I'm hoping to cook something delicious with these after I'm done staring at them... have you got any good pumpkin recipes? :)


  1. Gorgeous post!!!!

  2. N'aw they're cute pumpkins! I didn't get a chance to carve any this year :(
    I've never baked anything myself using pumpkin but I love the smell!
    Rachelle x

  3. My favourite thing is pumpkin spice muffins there yummy

  4. That moon tattoo is unbelievable.. so lovely.



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