Friday 26 October 2012

a peplum problem.


Okay, so this beautiful top from AX Paris is one of my favourite things right now. The warm, deep blackcurrant colour sets my pulse racing, and the gold collar detail is amazing, and something I haven't seen on any other peplum tops.

The only problem is, I don't know what to wear it with! I tried it with some thick leggings, but they didn't look sleek enough. I also tried it with a black pencil skirt, but I think that was also a bit too bulky! 

So, I need your suggestions, so that I can actually get some wear out of this top! How would YOU style it?

Also, don't forget that the Breast Cancer Awareness raffle is on today! I've bought my tickets :)



  1. Oh wow I love the blackcurrant shade, it's beautiful! I usually wear skinny jeans / tight trousers with my peplum top. Although I'd love to know other ways of wearing it too!!

    Robyn Mayday

  2. I wear mine with a jersey tube skirt and tights. Would look nice worn more casually with jeans though x

  3. I love the colour of this top - so perfect for the autumnal changes at the moment. And the neck detail is so lovely.

  4. i was thinking jersey tube also! love love love it.

  5. the colour is gorgeous. i have never worn a peplum top before just because i don't know how to style them, so i'll be watching this post!


  6. I love that peplum top, the gold collar is amazing! I always seem to have trouble with what to pair peplum' tops with and end up returning to my high-waisted velvet shorts. :-)

    rachelpan xo

  7. I have one that scream with black birds on and a black collar, I wear it with skinny grey treggings and a blazer jacket to smarten it up a bit :)

  8. Such a gorgeous shade, and how perfect for Autumn! I love wearing peplums with skinny jeans or tailored trousers :)

    louisejoyb x

  9. you look super cute! :D

    X Jenny

  10. This top is lovely! I'd probably wear it with skinny jeans or maybe a plain black maxi skirt xoxo

  11. i think the best option is skinny jeans :)

  12. Oooh I love the colour too! I agree with the rest of the comments some skinny jeans will look fab or maybe a short elastic skirt :)

  13. I have the same top (except mine is in a royal blue color) and I went through the same dilema! I wear mine with light blue jeggings (skinny jeans) or with blue cut off shorts. :)

  14. Such a gorgeous top! I'd either wear it with a bodycon skirt, or maybe a pair of jeans, and then dress down the top with a cardigan?

    Pip x

  15. Oh I have the same problem with peplum tops! I was going to buy a burgundy one this weekend but realised I don't know how to pull it off! I thought jeans but I think figure hugging trousers, I'm imagining either black or dark green, could do! But I feel like as soon as someone's bigger than size 10 it's hard to wear peplum. (hips :-/) sigh.

  16. Dark navy blue chord trousers would look fittttt I reckon. Lovely top! I've got really big hips/thighs so not sure I could pull it off :( x


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