Friday, 19 October 2012

a little gift.


A couple of days ago this little package arrived on my doorstep. The lovely Katie from Oh Squirrel had emailed me saying she would send me a little gift, but I never expected it to be so lovely!

Inside was a beautiful handmade card, with a heartwarming message inside! And inside the music sheet parcel, were two perfect little phrases, printed onto what looks like vintage fabric.

I'm going to hang one by my desk, one by my bed, and the L will hang proudly on my bedroom door.

Thank you so so much Katie!



  1. What a beautiful parcel and such precious contents for you to treasure! x

  2. So so beautiful, you lucky girl you. Those tags are so pretty.

  3. Such a beautiful parcel to receive. Pleasant aesthetics really do make all the difference!

  4. oh wow they're stunning, such a cute gift! xx

  5. Aw what an adorable gift! :)

    Emma x

  6. Aww this is so cute! What a lovely gift!x

  7. Oh I'm so pleased you liked it! & thank you for the loveliest blog post you are a sweetie and you really didn't have to :)

    Katie xx

  8. How beautiful and inspiring! Receiving packages/mail always cheers me up, no matter what's inside.

    <3 Melissa

  9. How beautiful!

    I LOVE getting post - but it's never usually this exciting

  10. so sweet. snail mail is best!

  11. Such a beautiful and thoutful thing to do! So cute x

  12. That is such a beautiful gift xx


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