Friday 7 September 2012

I'm really enjoying these last days of summer. It's lovely and quiet now that most of the tourists have gone home, and everywhere feels like it belongs to me again. The garden is starting to show signs of autumn - our apple tree is heavy with fruit, and bright red rosehips are scattered in the hedges.

You've seen this vintage top and skirt recently, I think they're my favourite clothes right now. So girly and pretty, and so easy to wear at the same time. I'm also getting a bit of wear out of my new Primark sandals that Harriet sent to me to replace my broken ones.

As autumn is certainly heading our way, I'm thinking more and more about cosy clothes. TK Maxx have recently got lots of autumn/winter clothing in stock, and to promote it they very kindly sent me something from their range

I chose this SUPER snuggly cardigan. I can't get over how warm and soft it is! Perfect to chuck on over this outfit for when it gets a bit chilly in the late afternoon, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear it constantly when summer finally ends.


  1. I loved this post (: You're just the cutest thing I ever did see.

  2. I love how you edit your pictures, this oufit is so cute.

    Jo. x

  3. the apples look delicious :) I love hunting in TK Maxx's, you can always find a bargain! xx

  4. love your outfit and the pics :) your garden looks so pretty x

  5. oooh i have just found your adorable blog! girl your style is so sweet !! new follower hehe :) xxx

  6. Such a great post, love the feel of these photos!

    Will definitely be following you :) love your blog


  7. you look so pretty lyzi!
    have a nice weekend!

  8. I love the outfit but I love the fruit even more! I went blackberry picking today and I absolutely adored it! Such fun at this time of year xx

  9. Such pretty photos and I love the outfit. I'm really looking forward to cosy clothes, autumn is by far my favorite season
    Nina from little nomad


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